Tuesday, March 25, 2014

This week we drove the sisters crazy by having to drive them
everywhere because their car was in the shop. We had a sweet Zone
conference this week also and it's was really powerful! I loved the
analogy of 'the spyglass' which is a short story book thing that one
of our APs shared :) it is amazing because it talked about how much
the right perspective can change.

This is about a king who is sad about how his kingdom is doing so bad.
Then this guy comes around and makes a deal to show him why it's not
successful. He then gives him a spyglass in which he sees the future
possibilities of the kingdom. In seeing this, he shows the villagers
and tells them about it intern getting them excited and hopeful. This
then later translates into his Kingdom flourishing as he had seen in
the eyeglass. It is a powerful story and a very very good lesson for

As we look at our faults and our weaknesses and our trials we will
become as them, less than who we are, but as we look with an eye of
faith and hope seeing the eternal perspective within ourselves we see
truly as God sees us. That is who we can become. It only takes this
vision, this eye of optimistic opportunity for good. This is exciting
and true. This is how God wants us to feel. He truly loves us for who
we are as his children. He will take care of his children. Always.

Things are really good here. I thought today was going to be my worst
day on the mission because I just wasn't doing well and time went to
fast and I felt like I got nothing done and it's cold and then to top
it off we got in a nice fender bender which I caused... I wasn't
driving but I was messing around and it caused it. Ya I felt awful.
However after writing this email to you, thinking about this
perspective, prayer, and taking care of what I needed to with the
accident report I truly have hope for a better today! It will be
awesome! I'm about to go do some GREAT work of The Lord! The day is

Love you guys!

Elder Clark!

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