Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Dear My Favorite people in the world! All of them! Whoever is reading this! ;)

Family first though sorry ;) THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!! I loved loved loved eating those chocolate covered almonds... i mean getting everything in that package! I love the pens the shirt the jacket the picture the love you send the CD's the EVERYTHING! The letters are amazing! MMMMMMMMMHMMMMM they are! :)

Ri I'm glad I will notice the 5 lbs you have gained in my two year journey! You look great winking in your picture! Did you take that photograph?

Kyle, Your picture was awesome! I love your rip roarin snakly screw ball shot! That spins around! I look great as a 10 pt ;) I like my hooves the best! Good luck with tennis and soccer man! Just do whatever you have the most fun with! If you can't decide on one then maybe keep doing both?

Austin, Great great goal man! Super good shot! And why am I so little and you so huge? Are you trying to tell me something?

Elder Claaaaak Kenchy! HI! Thanks for sending all this stuff! :) I love hearing the stowees! Haha Elder Jean doesn't say R's either so he calls me Elder Claak as well because in Creole they say a lot of R's as W's. It is so fun to learn some creole! Word of the day is "Lanmou" (pronounced Laa(nasalized)moo) meaning Love!

Mother Dear, Thank you sooo much for the kindness and love you send and the spirit you send as well! I love to hear about your cool fence and everything and about your positive attitude! :)

Zacky, I shall be sending you a letter but I hope you know you are soooo great and I love you! :) Take care of Annie for me ok? ;)

Oh my goodness Mother and such, I love the people here so much already! This is a great great ward! So we faced a lot of rejection the first week here but this last week we have been extremely blessed! Truly it is amazing how much of a change from the week before it is. So on tuesday we knocked a lot of doors and we ran into an amazing guy named C(57 yrs old, shorter yet a little bigger, super jolly nice guy)! So he among all those who rejected our message totally said "is this gonna be worth my time?" of course we explained how it would and he said "alright let's hear what you have to say" So then we talked to him a little bit at the door and it was great and we set up an appointment for wednesday, he was like "Well I'm not normally a pushover but something you said must have clicked because I want to see what you have to say" So we taught him and he talked a lot about how important family was to him and how he has been blessed with a good attitude because he just got a knee replacement and Dad I told him about how your knee's are very unexistant and terrible and so he gave me a card and said his doctor was amazing so I can send it to you if you would like :) It's a good souvenir either way... haha but then he came to church sunday and loved it and people fellowshipped him like crazy, it was the primary program and he was really impressed with the children and how some of them really glowed and were into it. He participated a lot in class and that all went well and I was scared at first because for priesthood we talked about the Word of Wisdom and we hadn't taught him that yet but he ate it up! He really enjoyed it and agreed with everything! He wanted to say the closing prayer for class! Haha so he has been a blessing in my life and I love him! Also we were knocking on this former investigators house and this Haitien lady(K 20ish years old) answered but kind of shied away from us and barely cracked open the door but then when Elder J was writing on a card for the Former he asked if she was interested in hearing our message and she said "yes come in!" without hesitating! So we taught her the Restoration in English and Elder J  clarified in Creole and so she also came to church late even after her car was about to be broken because of no oil (I guess I'm not the only one in the world ;)) and then she loved church and she talked to Elder J in Creole about how she really wanted to be baptized so that is super awesome! I have been fearlessing more than ever here! I love being able to talk to people! We have been able to find quite a bunch of solid potential investigators from jumping out of the car to talk to people, walking around in neighborhoods and such! It is so wonderful! I love it so much! I have also had to fearless a lot of spanish people here and so I am soooo happy I learned enough in high school to communicate with them some! :)

I'm so excited for Kyle with Hunters safety! Lots of family bonding times to come with that! Austin... good luck on yours man! :)
Oh man I'm happy to hear that Kyle is doing so well in soccer and that it is soooo important for him to support Riley because that is really cool and it is a testamony to how family oriented you and Dad are! You guys are great! And

Kyle can't grow. It's not ok for him to be taller than me when I get back.... Which is very very possible. Oh man!

Well I am also glad Austin is doing well as well!

Thats too weird about Taylor and Tanner though... They aren't old enough to go on missions! Neither am I! this is proposterous!  Everyone who can best be goin on a mission! The mission is the greatest thing for you and your purpose of life! you grow more on a mission than you do during your entire life I would argue! I have learned more in these last 4 months(crazy almost exactly 4 months... 6 days less) than I had probably during my whole schooling career! Just because the knowledge I gain here counts. It is learning to truly rely on the Lord! It has taught me how to not be scared of talking to people! I talk to soooo many people a day I would be scared to say hi to before my mission! It's crazy! I learned organization! HUGE leap in my life because I never had it before... Sorry Mother ;)...

Ohhhh Dad you are soooo funny! Don't let them hang you! You have some rights in this country! :) HAHA well it was really fun to see Mike and truly it didn't interfere with the work at all! I just feel like it worked out perfectly because he said hi (while I was talking to a really good potential but thats okay) and took a few pics told me the Church was true and left! Haha it was fun though so No big deal! I won't condemn you... whoever has no sin let him cast the first stone right?! ;)
Tell Riley that he belongs on a college team and to leave the Varsity team... He is too good for them... He should call up the NY Jets or someone... they would probably take him as soon as he has confidence in it! Golly Jeepers! But I am soooooo happy he is having fun! Hopefully he continues to be an amazing example to them! If he does some will become interested in the church. It is a given with the impact Riley has. Maybe not now but sometime!

I love youoooouuuoouuuououuuu!!!!! I heard from the Zone Leaders they have my package so thanks in advance when I get it in like half an hour!

Love you all to Eternity and beyond!!
Elder Clark

Monday, September 17, 2012

sept 17

Dear Riley and Kyle ------ I am soooo excited about you reading the Book of Mormon! It will honestly be one of the greatest blessings in your life as you diligently study it and apply the precepts of it in your life! "A man can get nearer to God by applying it's precepts than any other book" (Joseph Smith) This book will make a difference in your life and your growth in becoming as Christ is.

Sooooo the news... Brace yourself... Drumroll please... My new area is Plainview, New York! It is pretty far out on Long Island! My new companion is named Elder G  He is a GREAT missionary and he is from Haiti! It is really cool because this area is a Zebra pool meaning that we teach both Haitien Creole and English investigators! I am trying at the moment to learn some Creole to get up to possible communication with some of these people! :) It's fun! Sac Pase?!(whats up) Haha but other than that and the purpose of missionaries thats about all I know! Me Cone JeziKri se suvino! I know that Jesus Christ is our savior! Spelling i am unsure about also... haha but ya so thats my new news! I am living in a house... I live in the upstairs of 46 Willoughby, Hicksville, NY 11801 :) It is just Elder G and I living here. Yes it was extremely hard to leave my first area Staten Island. I LOVED the people there soooooo much! However I am loving my new wards here! We and one other companionship are serving over the Plainview ward and the YSA ward here so that means I am at church for 6-1/2 hours! Whew! But I'm doin okay after trial #1 :) So people also got a hoot of how the new missionaries in the ward were Elder Lewis and Clark! haha :) I hope I get to be companions with him to carry that name on. And hes great :) Also what is weird about here is that we play volleyball under permission of the mission president from 9-11:30 on wednesday nights with the YSA ward! Woah that got me tired the first time... haha

I am so glad Gramps surgery went well! And the awesome blessing as well! :) I love to hear that! I hope that you told him I love him...

Oh man it joys me to hear of Jeffreys success! He is the man! A stud! A beast! A haas! All the above :) I'm glad to hear of Riley beasting it as well. Kyle beasting it as well. Austin beasting it as well. Man. I would be happy being the annoying housefly on the backs of this beastly family! haha :) I love you all so much!

Ya about visits from people mother please don't hesitate to tell them its probably not the best idea... just because I am trying to use my full 2 years out here to do what I am called to do. Truly I don't think it would be the best use of my time to meet with people even though I know how fun it would be. I hope not to offend because I hope people know how much I love them and that I would love to meet them any other time in my life however this is the only two years I get... I need to act now. Also it is basically against the rules and in my effort to be obedient I don't like creating gray areas.

But Mother thank you soooooo much for all of the things you have done to get me here. I can't thank you, Dad or my Heavenly Father enough! I am so happy to be here. I would do this again in half of a heartbeat.

I'm happy to hear that Kyle will probably take some lessons from Alexa! She is great! :) Tell her hi from me! And tell her thanks for spreading the love of the wonderful sport!

Anyways about the work here... we are fearlessing a lot! Thats really fun! I have been able to fearless in English and Spanish and I'm excited to add a new asset of Creole! :) We also knock a lot of doors! So that is fun! Except for everyone being extremely unreceptive and rejective and sometimes very disrespectful but let the work go on! :) Haha people can have their pride...

I love you all!! :) Thanks for all that you do for me! Remember that the Lord is always on your side as you turn to his side! :) He loves you and wants to help you! This is true and if you don't know it test it! I love my opportunity to stand as a representative of Jesus Christ and Declare the Love of God to His Children! :)


Wednesday, September 5, 2012

sept 10

Mother and Family!

Oh man! Eirik is the man! I miss him! If you get the chance will you tell him that I love him and that he is going to be a stud Gangsta for the Lord. I love Eirik. I love to hear about his talk and Brandon crying and everything! I love seeing and hearing about eternal families! They are all around us and it is such a joyful thing! :)

So anyways... I love to hear about the love you gain for people on missions; It is true... I cried in happiness yesterday because of my excitement for N who got baptised by her husband (now pretty much activated) for D and A and their amazing changes that have been able to happen through the Atonement, for both of those couples and the amazing chance that they have to become sealed in the temple in a year! Then I cried out of excitement for C and her baptism and A and the changes and happy lifestyle that she has adopted. Then for G and his mission and how he just recieved the Melchizedek Priesthood and confirmed D and A This is what the mission is about. It is my favorite thing in the world to see God's will and purpose happen right before my eyes! I have been blessed in this area to see so many people change! If this were my whole mission's success it would be all worth it.(typical I know but TRUE!)

My heart is literally full from all the love I have been able to feel for God's children! Which makes me sad... because I am being transfered... I don't know where until transfer meeting tomorrow(tuesday)... but I am really really sad to leave Staten Island but I am really excited because God's children aren't only in Staten Island... They are all over the place! so I know that I will be able to love my next area as well.

I'm glad to hear that the brothers of my mother are doing well! I miss them. However lifes all good in the hood! They will just keep on living life and loving life! I'm glad to hear riley has a friend... hahah jk I know riley has at least 1! :) And tell Austin to keep on kicking! What doesn't kill you makes you stronger ;) haha maybe don't take that advice... just Listen to your mother! :) best advice ever sorry for not always listening to you... I'll work on that when I get home :) Also glad to hear kyle sweeped away some of the soon to be scored goals! Way to be bro! :)
Thanks for teaching me how to work! :) and Riley would be beastin up the football field. what a stud! STUUUUUUUDDDDDDDDD!!!!!!

My comp... I will be changing comps in like a day... but Elder C is a stud and he is half black and we get along really well and he is very funny and we do a lot of service and looking up people and laughing and making jokes and putting personality in our teaching and focusing on baptism's and stuff! I got to know quite a lot of members really well! We obviously have some favorite members we like and our ward in staten english is just over 100 that show up almost every sunday... It is really nice. How far I go everyday? We probably average around 30 miles driving but we generally only go off of staten like once a week... I don't use the ferry. We have a car that we always take and we only use the ferry when we go to manhatten for a temple trip or something. very rare though..

So ya thats all folks... I love you all though! :)
Elder Clark

Dear Wonderful fam!
Thank you for all that you do! You're super!
I live on 71 Rhine Ave... Second Floor :) but don't have anyone send anything there... I could get transfered on the 11th! But I don't know... We will see! My area is the northwest part of Staten Island right now and our pad is not quite in our area... but it's close! Anyways! the work here is super fun! I have been learning more and more how to fearless people! I'm excited for a walking area so that I can fearless like all day!!! I love talking to people! And I love seeing myself become better at talking simply and non-nervously! Hopefully that pattern still continues! :) So anyways we have been doing a lot of looking people up and talking to people because most of our people to worry about either are getting baptised, dropped, baptised, or gone for some reason... So we don't have a lot of people to teach! Were trying hard to get more! It's been really fun though and this mission is a HUGE learning process! :) It is the best ever! I'm excited to keep learning! So sorry I don't have much time :( But I want you to know that sharing your testimony strengthens yours and it will help you to feel the everlasting joy that comes from the spirit! I have learned that the spirit truly makes me excited! I can't believe my whole life I didn't recognize it... But it definitely makes me so happy! I love learning! Make sure you and the family has time to study the scriptures together! Talk about it and write any impressions that you get! I still love teaching people and it is really fun to do "Preach My Gospel Lightning Round"'s! they are a super fun 5 minute practice teaching thing our mission president showed us so we have been learning how to teach a little bit better :) I have also realized that the spirit is the most important thing in teaching... Anyways... I am eating plenty plenty plenty of breakfast! Enough lunch! Enough dinner and when we eat at members houses a lot of dinner! But a and b couldn't come to church on sunday because she was sick and he needed to take care of their baby girl (c she is the awesomest baby! :) Super cute and really smart already! I love that family! G and D are pretty much going on missions and getting married right after! It's crazy! But I love them both! I need to leave! Super sadly but ask if you have any questions! :) Thanks for all the love! I will write more next time and I'm really excited to hear that everyone is doing so well! Blessings of the Gospel! :) I love you!
Elder Clark