Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Dear familia marvelouso(sp?),

This week has been real good. Were working hard, Were seeing random
little miracles, Were having fun, and Were learning. And I feel good
:) And I'm a Mormon.

So we had an exchange with the Zone Leaders. The exchange with them is
fun because they are Spanish and so I got to practicé mi espanol. I
love trying to testify in Spanish because I end up saying super simple
terms and simple truths that I know. I want to get that simple in my
own language. Because the Gospel is really simple. We believe that
through the Atonement of Christ all mankind may be saved by obedience
to the laws and ordinances of the Gospel.

Also on this exchange I almost got in a fight... This guy got mad that
he turned a corner and neither of us saw each other and he flipped out
like I was trying to bump him. He was angry. I stared at him kinda
weirdly... Like I was just confused at why he was angry. He was like
"Are we doing this right now as he was taking his backpack off...
Swearing and everything. I just stood there like what the heck. Then he
started taking off his backpack and walking towards me and this
Jamaican dude and My Zone Leader dude chased him off... Kinda weird. I
was still standing there kinda shocked at why he was so angry...
People be mad angry. He was still cussing at me and my comp as he ran
away. Hahaha He wasn't really that tough looking anyways...

So we got fed a lot this week by members! It was super super good! I
loved the food. One of the houses I ate at is a friend of mine at
SVU's family. Then I don't know. Just a fun week. The members here are
impressive. They are so faithful in the midst of so much darkness and
confusion. They stand out! So do you if you are faithful!

I'm seriously enjoying talking more and more to people. It's not
always an easy thing but the more I've done it the more I've loved it.
No matter what the response is.

Love you guys. Keep up the good work.
Elder Clark

Pic #1: We obtained a couch... I carried part of it to our apartment
on my head. Felt like a Cabo Verdean...
Pic #2: Got a New York Mountain Dew. Dad thought you might enjoy that...
Pic #3: On Monday last week we cooked food. A lot of it... That tin
foil thang was hunky.
Pic #4: Guy with a green beard and a parrot on the bus... Welcome to New York.
Hey Family and bigger family!

This week was a great week! Super fun!

For one day this week I had a priest-aged young man from Virginia come
on a mini mission with me! It was the greatest! I swear they are
lookin younger and younger... Ha but he did well and it was just fun
to have he excitement of a fresh missionary! With Elder M
training for the last 2 weeks, the whole district and area has
increased in excitement!

I also had my last presidents interview before the departing
interview... That was kinda sad... But it's always a good opportunity
to talk to President Calderwood. He leads this mission with optimism
and love. He seeks revelation and obtains the Lords will for this
mission very effectively because of his humility. He is incredible and
I'm grateful to be called here with him.

On Saturday we had the game night that we spent so long handing out
fliers and preparing for. We had very few people show up which was
kind of sad. But we had a group of 5 18 yr old friends come (two of
which we met at 7-eleven on 7/11/14). They are super cool and it has
been really fun to get to know them! They all met from playing
handball together and they've been best friends ever since. 2 of them
came to church on Sunday and they seemed to enjoy it! I hope to be
able to teach them all! They have Books of Mormon though so hopefully
they will read it! Actually also one of the friends is an inactive
member we came to find out! But anyways they are all super cool and
accepting of people so it has been very fun getting to know them.
Apparantly they ROCK at handball though... Were probably going to try
to play with them this week.

We also had a pretty good experience with watching the Lords will
happen. Ha :) we had planned to visit some less active families and on
the way to visit one we were able to talk to this guy who just had a
full knee replacement who we can probably start teaching now! (Yay!)
and then we went to knock on this less active lady's door. She opened
with this smile and was like "I saw you guys and I had been yelling at
you but you didn't hear me! Then you were talking to that guy for so
long I didn't want to interrupt you, but then The Lord heard my
prayers for a spiritual uplift and send you to my door. Ha it was
super cool. :) I believe that if we are in the right place at the
right time by standing in holy places (physically and spiritually) we
will be able to see the Lords will happen. The Lords will always will
work together for our good and others good. It is a way of humility
and charity.

Right now I am just trying to learn all that I can to prepare me for
life... Haha :) I've been working on getting in a pattern of
repentance. It has really helped me. I feel so much more confidence
and strength from simply improving my prayers to be more focused and
then asking for forgiveness and strength in improving. When The Lord
is our strength we cannot be defeated.

I Love Our Savior Jesus Christ. I mean that. I hope you know that and
come to know Him. It is a happier way.
And I love you!
Elder Tyler Clark
Hello Everyone!

Gotta say first of all sorry for not writing last week. It was a weird Preparation day...  I went out to Plainview to say hi to John(awesome) and then we had a BBQ with a member and then we took a trip to Brooklyn and we ended up missing our turn and going over the Bridge into manhattan.

However I feel really blessed right now because Heavenly Father is helping me to learn the importance of being diligent and he is teaching me how to trust in him to get the power and giving me power to be diligent.

I definitely have a testimony of diligence in scripture study as I have said before but it really makes a difference in the way our day goes and how happy we end up. There will never be happier times in your life than those times that you keep the commandments that you receive. Truly "it doesn't matter what you know" it only matters that you put your trust in Heavenly Father. In order to be directed, gain a greater relationship with our Heavenly Father, and be happy we have to rely on the spirit. It's no different than what the Prophet has to do. I don't care who you are because we are all children of Heavenly Father and we all need to rely on the spirit.

So Elder M is training and him and his brand spankin new companions fire is lighting our whole area on fire. It's awesome. Yay for Jeffy this next transfer! Funnel the energy bro! :) We did get 7-11 on 7-11. That was fun. I did a lil bit of teaching but a lot of talking to people. We also were able to get in contact with some sweet less active families that we will now start to work with! Things are just going really well here and I am having fun with it.

So this week we have been doing millions of flier handouts for our volleyball activity happening Thursday. I'm super pumped for that! I'm sure I told you but our Branch President is awesome. I really love this area. It's super fun and I really enjoy talking to people. They are simply fun to talk to because you never know what to expect.

You guys are awesome. Love you tons! Go get em!
Elder Tyler Clark

This week has been super super miraculous. We have been working hard
but we've been getting more blessings than what we have even worked
for! There have been some awesome people jumping into our lives! So
many great people that are easy to love and literally asking to
improve their relationship with Heavenly Father.

We have had a family stop us on the street and they turned out to be
members from Guyana that just moved here a month ago and didn't know
where the church was. They are super awesome. I'm excited to see them
again. This week was also good because we were able to contact quite a
few people that we had been trying for so long to contact.

The biggest thing that has jumped out to me this week is the fact that
we are all the same. in the way that we all can't do anything or
change or anything without the Atonement of Jesus Christ. The path is
the same for everyone, it is to have faith, repent, be baptized(and
partake of the sacrament) under the right authority, receive the Gift
of the Holy Ghost, and endure to the end. This is how we change for
the better. If we apply this to specific things in our lives we will
be able to overcome trials and weaknesses through Christ. It doesn't
matter who you are or what you believe. The truth is always truth
whether you believe it or not. No matter about all the different
religions that are out there...

One of the people we are trying to meet with came to church for a
second time and the Gospel Principles class was on baptism. He is
originally Hindu. After the class he asked me "does everyone need to
get baptized?" I explained yes and asked him if he would like to and
he said that he really would like to get baptized. Super cool.

There are a lot of different nationalities in my area. But every
single one of these people before their works in this world began knew
the truth. They chose the truth. And they are all leaders of the
truth. Our job is to help them retrieve or remember this knowledge
they once had and based their entire choice to come into mortal life

I know that the truth is that Jesus Christ Lives. He is real and
really loves us. The path or Doctrine of Christ is of ETERNAL value.
It is Gods plan for Eternal Progression unto perfection. I know
without any doubt that what I have stated here is true. It has blessed
me and will continue to bless me. May it bless you.

Elder Tyler Clark
ear Eryone!

This week has been mad awesome! I got to go to the temple and I got to
talk to a lot of awesome people. Some pretty ghetto people and some
super cool people. A lot of the ghetto peeps are super cool though.
They are really respectful of us. They say stuff like "you guys are so
godly" and then they walk into their liquor store or corner store to
buy junk that's against the word of wisdom or light a cig or
something... Haha but people are awesome!

I feel like so many people are trapped because of the lifestyle they
have chosen to live. It's super hard... It's not easy for them to get
out but especially when they don't do anything about it!

We have to act in order to have our faith be made perfect and also in
order to receive the blessings of the Atonement.

We had a super sweet meeting with President Sanchez and we set some
goals and made some super sweet plans to bring to pass miracles of
bringing people closer to Christ! Were going to have monthly
activities as a branch and monthly missionary activities also. Maybe a
few movie nights or something. We will also do some game nights and
some life size Jenga and fun stuff like that! We are going to start
working a lot closer with the members and I'm pretty pumped to do
that! I love the members and I need to love them more! Member visits
are huge!

In regards to missionary work done... We have done a lot of lookups
but not much success with that. We have also done a lot of talking to
people and not too much with that yet. However I think we will be able
to start teaching this one Hindu guy! So that's pretty cool! I love
being surrounded by and talking to people of many different cultures!
It makes for good conversations and a lot to learn!

So that's my update for this week! Thanks for all the prayers and support!

Much love and much to love!

Elder Tyler Clark

This week. Well...
We have been doing a lot of walking... So that's been good for
me/hard/fun. Annie asked me about how my 6 months to sexy is last week
sooo I'm glad I'm walking and I've done a lil bit more working out ;)
haha But we are playing knock out in the mornings and that has been
real good! So back on track... Well I truly am loving this area. But I
need to start getting to know more members. The ones I know are
awesome and they all seem awesome but I just don't know them yet! But
our Branch Presidency is amazing. They are super fun and really good

So yesterday being Father's Day apparently they thought we as
missionaries were fathers... Ha just kidding it was just really nice
to get a red velvet mini cake/ muffin. (Too big to be a muffin, too
small to be a cake) ha that was sweet. Literally. Ha don't ya miss my
stupid jokes??

This week in regards to missionary work... We contacted a lot of
people and we did a street sweep talking about the Book of Mormon that
I gave out a couple and a now we have a few more potential
investigators but nothing huge yet. I do enjoy testifying of the Book
of Mormon and the church though. Because the ability to receive
revelation is awesome and sooooo needed in each of our lives. I also
know that if we seek revelation we shall find. Or rather it shall be
given to us.

SOOO also Elder S. Gifford Nielsen came and saw and conquered our
hearts! The guy is awesome! He is called of The Lord and he boldly
proclaimed truth! It was awesome and powerful and he singled me out a
few times asking me questions. Haha but it was really awesome! I did
tell him about Jacob, Andrew, and Jon but I think he was just rushed.
Ha ees alright though. I learned a lot from his visit though. Mainly
it just got me pumped to do better and be better! So that was sweet!

A crazy Brooklyn guy this week came up to us and the sisters and told
this sister that I had a crush on her and he paired my comp off with
the other sister... He's like you'll thank me later for breaking the
ice. Haha so that's been interesting... Don't worry! Not crushing! I
am focused!

Also... People really love the World Cup here. It's awesome.

Love you all!
Keep up the good work!
Elder Tyler Clark