Tuesday, March 25, 2014

y hey heeeyyyyyy!

How are you all doing? I'm doing great if y'all were wondering! :) Ya
sorry this email is coming late we got caught up a little bit
yesterday... But anyways! I LOVE YOU! I guess I just wanted to say

I got a SUPERCOOL new companion! His name is Elder M! He is a
stud of all studs. I'm really excited for this transfer because we can
have a lot of influence. Mostly because we both know why we are here
and are willing to work at why we are here. The blessings of obedience
and diligence :) My new companion is from Haiti :) Soooo guess what???
We get to teach/ Re-open the area in Creole! Yay for my little
knowledge of creole! I've been trying to pick it up again a little bit
:) for some reason I think I understand more than I did before... So
that's pretty cool :) Who knew I'd be right back in it again!

We have actually been teaching quite a bit more. It has been really
fun because we have a lot more people to teach than before. A lot of
miracles are happening in our ward and area! I know that Christ is
hastening the work by sending us people to invite to Christ :) We were
in the library this week planning to put together a PowerPoint about
how The Lord is Hastening his work and ironically a guy walked up to
us and said "hey you're the elders from the Mormon church" and he told
us he read an article in the New York Times about there being more
sister missionaries out on a mission. (Then talking to the sister
missionaries in my district who are the newly called 3rd companionship
of sister training leaders for the mission) We now will hopefully get
to meet with him. Get the point?? The Lord is hastening his work. No
ifs ands or buts. You can choose to be a part of it or not! I'm not
saying you have to be called to it as a full time missionary, but even
hastening the Work of Salvation in yourself will be a major part.
Start with yourself and Refine/Build by sharing. Maybe also sharing
will build yourself! Whatever you do, do something good. :) If you do
so, you will be happy. :) that's in the book of 1st Clark 2:3 :)

Let me just say that unplanned and planned miracles are happening! :)

Wow. So that's the update on Elder Clark the elder.... Love you guys!
:) Thanks for EVERYTHING that I don't appreciate enough. Ha :)


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