Tuesday, March 25, 2014

So this past week has been busy! We shoveled A LOT of snow... We
played football in the snow... We helped an investigator of ours pack
everything up and move to Florida. (She has a lot of stuff) Needless
to say I was over there for quite some time these past few days!
However! We acquired their couch and a lot of food! It was in our
kitchen but we made room for it in the study room. All other
missionaries might end up being jealous now... Oh well... It came with
a price... Both my companion and I are sick :( Life Happens. But
that's alright! I'll be fine :)

I also did karaoke with the Martinez family (awesome family in my
ward!)... They told me about their karaoke tradition with missionaries
over a year ago when I was here and I left for home before I ever got
to do it! So that was fun!

We saw a sweet blessing from going out to work when we didn't want
to... It was awesome. We went to look up some people I had taught
before and after knocking on one door we decided to knock on the
neighbors... First door... Got inside and talked to for a good while!
So sweet! Second door... Got inside again!! Elder H in my
district ended up teaching them in Spanish! It just worked out
perfectly!! That doesn't happen very often... In my whole mission it's
probably less than 25 doors that I've been invited into! And that
night we had it back to back!!! Crazy cool!

I feel like I'm getting to know the members pretty well which is
awesome! That's what separates my favorite areas from my less favorite
(yet still favorite)! So that's good! I hope to make Plainview a more

Another cool thing is I know it was revelation for me to be here.
Despite me being sad to leave Rego Park! I needed to be here. It's an
awesome opportunity! Thanks for all the support!

Elder Clark

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