Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Hey Everyone!

So this week was a pretty good week teaching wise! We had a lot of
appointments and a couple with new people which is awesome! :) The YSA
sisters in my district had a baptism on Sunday and that was my first
baptismal interview that I have conducted! So that's kind of cool! A
little scary but also not because it just means you have to follow the
spirit. But anyways the baptism went really well!

But we had transfer calls this past week and Elder B in my district
(who played for the state of Arizonas rugby team before the mission)
got called as a district leader. Then we were told that he was
leaving, and sister van Langen is going home (because it's her time to
go! haha). So that was the only changes up until Sunday morning...
When we got a phone call from the Zone Leaders saying that a last
minute change had happened and that my companion Elder P was
leaving... I was so sad. Still am :( but hey that's transfers for ya
:) So that's the latest with us!

So on Tuesday I'll find out who my new companion is and where my last
companion is going and with who. I truly care a lot about him so I
hope things are good for him! :)

So things are good here. I'm still LOVING the mission. I am super
excited because even though I still am making mistakes... I'm on the
right path to be where I want to be. Both physically and spiritually.
I know that it isn't how fast you go that matters, but it's that you
GO in the right direction! :)

Love you all!

Elder Tyler Clark!

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