Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Hello! :)

so I realized that I have less than 8 months left on my mission. The
reality of life is crashing on me really hard. I realized that I have
changed but not to where I want to be when I leave. I want to overcome
what is holding me back and that is mental, physical, and spiritual
organization. So I did a few things... Cleaned my room, Organized my
pile of junk, thought of all that I need/committed to do, created a
to-do inbox for myself, and made a commitment in prayer to Heavenly
Father to change if he'd help me. I promised to be accountable to him
in prayer nightly with the things I had decided to change. I have
faith in my favorite scripture Ether 12:27. I definitely believe that
my mission and right now for me (and you) is the best time to change.

It has been about a week since I started this. I am already realizing
the incredible blessings that have poured into my life. My prayers
feel as though I am closer to my Heavenly Father then I've quite
understood. I am feeling a confidence within me that I can do it. I
have noticed that my obedience and study of the scriptures have
increased in efficiency. My view on life is changing more towards
Heaven. I have felt more control in overcoming trials. I have been
able to be a better leader to my district in organization and
effectiveness. I am finding who I really can be. I am happier( :) ).
With this being said, one thing that is not changing is me. I am
always going to be Tyler Clark but I intend to be a better Tyler Clark
than the one you now know.

So I'm SUPER PUMPED about this. I hope my story will be an
encouragement to you to have a similar story! :)

Love you guys!
Elder Clark
Dear Errbody! I decided to take some sweet pics because I found out
that I am leaving my beloved office :( it was super unexpected for me
so I'm really sad... It's never fun having to leave the people you
have came to love... Especially the missionaries in this area. That's
alright though... I have the opportunity to learn to love another
district! That'll be interesting! I don't know if I've said it yet ;)
but I'm going to miss Rego Park Queens!!! I don't know where I'm going
until tomorrow... So I'll let you know how it will go this week. Elder
B is taking over as district leader and he will be GREAT in here
so I'm glad it's going into good hands.

The sisters had the really awesome Chinese couple get baptized. They
are amazing. I asked them how they felt because it is one of my
favorite things to hear... She said that she just felt super light
like she is going to fly into Heaven and he said he feels really
great. I love baptism. And for that reason I'm gaining more
appreciation for the Sacrament. I know that we can access the power of
the Atonement through the Sacrament. It's vital.

By the way I'm learning of the power of simple testimony. Use it!
Don't be afraid to be powerful because you are speaking truth.

Love you guys!
Elder Tyler Clark
Hello! I hope all is well for all y'all! It was a nice lil week for me! Weeks just keep getting quicker and quicker!

But anyways here's a little account of the week! I deep cleaned my pad and then the APs slept over with us (because they needed to be in Rego early the next mornin and elder w and I are buds) and then we went to target in flushing(basically mini china) and on the way we got a miracle call from bishop saying that a less active member(who is on our family focus list but we couldn't contact) asked for us to give her aunt a blessing in Flushing! That was a really good experience for me.

We were able to teach L and help him make some new friends in the church. Then we found out he is actually a member! So we hope to help him get to the temple! Such a glorious place. Go. Often. :) you will have better perspective in your life and more appreciation/love for it as well. Period.

I don't have much else to say other than a sweet Chinese couple deciding to receive the blessings of baptism in the ward! They are great! They have an amazing desire to come closer to Christ that will bless their eternity.

Thanks for all the prayers and support I love you guys!

Elder Clark!