Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Hey Wonderful people that I love!

I'm sorry I didn't email ya last week :( But this week I can tell ya what happened! I'll tell ya what happened! Miracles happened! Milagros! Everywhere! So we had a great great two weeks! Ever since we had interviews with president and our district just upped our level in work and unity with the ward! We talked a lot about setting goals and about purifying our works to allow Heavenly Father the opportunity to bless us! We started working just a little bit harder with just a little bit more fire and suddenly our work has been doubled because the solid people to teach have doubled!

We had a day with 3 lessons on it scheduled last week! That's almost as many as we get in a week. We taught all of them and all of them went BEAUTIFULLY. Heavenly Father has been blessing us. H (an investigator who just got back from china) accepted to be baptized on the 8th of March. Then we had an AMAZING and unbelievable change of heart in an investigator who made the decision to get baptized! She has so much hope and light now it is amazing. The sisters investigator who has been investigating awhile, whom they had worked so hard to help recognize the testimony he had turned around and said he wants to get baptized on Sunday. We met with bishop and he gave us great instruction on how to help the work progress. We met with 2 less active members who have made the decision to make getting to the temple their goal! 3 people our district has been working with from Plainview went to do temple baptisms on Saturday. I'm smiling often because of the righteous choices of my New York friends. :)

We then had an amazing ward counsel meeting and stake president spoke to us about love. This again re-emphasized the importance of love. He made a comment that love between each individual is literally what holds the world together. In the New Testament it says "on this hangs all the law and the prophets" talking about love. He said that it should be the purpose and reason for everything we do in life and it very well should be. We need to have the kind of love for people like when we first fall in love, where we look past any faults and would do anything for that person. This really hit me and gave me another reality check! Made me ask myself if I really do love the people I serve. I want to tell you that I do, however there is so much more love for me to grow. I need to love them enough to be bold with power and authority to help, I need to love them enough to improve myself to benefit them, I need to love them enough to make even large sacrifices to make them feel of the love and joy of Christ.

This is the kind of love I want to have. It will take an eternity to learn to be that charitable but I hope to work towards it. So I'll start on that path by starting with who I already love so much! By telling you that

Elder Clark

P.S. Are you ready to love today??

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