Monday, October 21, 2013

Hello loved ones!

So this week we had a pretty good week! We were able to talk to more people and it has been great! I really enjoy the singing flash mobs we do! I talked to a few really awesome people who, even though they aren't baptized or anything haha, they really do come closer to Christ from it. I think that the best missionary work we can do is just love people and show them how Christ would talk to them if he was there. I'm trying to work on this :)

We did a sweet service project of picking up trash along one of the main streets here. it was really fun! Lot's of people look at us like they have never seen a good deed done in their life! It is really nuts! We met someone then who said she would come to church but then she didn't.

I have been teaching so much more than when I first got here though. it is so much more fun! I love teaching! One of the greatest tender mercies of missionary work is watching a person change from unwilling and hard-hearted to feeling the love of the Savior and willing to follow him. Open hearts are amazing. Thats what we need to be to! It takes one to help one! We just need to open our hearts and listen to what the spirit tells us to do or say! even in regards to member missionary work!

The spirit will work through you as you love people enough to share what has made you so happy! So as you may know! My mission does have facebook and skype and such! so please let me know if you know of anyone who would like to have a skype lesson or FB Chat with a missionary. (thats me ;) ) haha But it is a really great blessing. I have already received a referral from a friend at school.

Also we get individual ipads on october 11-13th. to keep with me throughout the whole mission :) Super Cool. Go mission president meeting with the General authorities!

I'm sorry that I haven't sent you pictures for awhile! I will send them soon!

But I have to go!
Love You!!!
Elder Tyler Clark

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Hello Fambam and My Big Eternal Fambam!

I am really excited to write to you this week! So to answer your questions yes I am allowed to use facebook now in my mission and I have not gotten on much yet... just to add people and start to make the changes that I need to do.

Hahaha I have been really busy again with a lot of office things but its been fun! We just picked up some really nice new corollas :) mmmmm

I have been a little bit sick this past week but I'll get over it haha :)

There is so much potential in this ward for success that I keep emailing you about but not reporting progress so the latest progress I have is that I met with Y again and she is doing really really well! We hope to set a baptismal date with her soon! We are also meeting with T and she is doing well as well. Both of her kids are active at church but she has work and doesnt know much about church. But she prays with them and everything it is really great!

I will be able to send some pictures to you soon I hope! I'm sorry this is super short but I'm happy to report that I am doing well and I am really excited for how much work I will be able to do when I force time for it which I hope to do before I email you next!

Love ya!

Elder Clark!!!

Monday, October 14, 2013

Sooooo conference. Was. Super. Good.

In between conferences we taught an investigator named Y. She has been searching for answers to her questions and prayers and we had a really awesome lesson with her about the restoration. She has a roommate who is anti-mormon and is very good at messing with her head. But Y is an honest seeker of truth. it is really fun to teach her. We had the prompting to tell her that her answers would come in that last session right after the lesson. I am very excited to tell you of the Lord's love and grace now. In every single one of the talks that were given, they taught and confirmed something we had said to her. Sometimes word for word. I am so grateful that we have general authorities who have lived their lives in such a way to be so directed by the spirit.

This week we went on the subway and did a flash mob singing of "I am a child of God" with Elder A (my hawaiian awesome companion) playing on the ukelele and we sang a verse in english then spanish then verse three in english and that has been a powerful and fun experience in sharing the gospel. Oh i loved it. That happens every week too!!!!! We are trying some new ways of sharing the gospel. but my district especially has some very very talented singers and musicians so its been fun to sing and such! We are trying to record an album by the end of the transfer. We have 1 song recorded and a few more in the process. Im super excited.

I'm still nervous about next transfer but it will be fun. A good learning experience. haha :)

Elder L (my buddy from plainview) and Elder A (my comp) go home in February so we have been working them out to get him marriage worthy ;) hahah we just started doing insanity, ultimate frisbee, soccer, and dodgeball every morning except sunday with the two rego park districts. It's been really fun and we are all sore.

I just want to share quickly my testimony of God's influence in our lives.
The answer is always loving obedience with an eternal perspective. Keep that and He will keep you.
Elder Clark

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Hello! :) :)

Things are slowing down a little bit in the office so I have been able to do some missionary work! Yay! That has been really great we just stopped by a guy on friday who is a history teacher and he has a little ark of the covenant. Hahah he is awesome and we have been trying to help him come back to church. Hopefully.

We gave a 3rd hour missionary presentation this week and it was really really successful. I think there is a lot of potential with this ward.

So I dont have that much time but what we do in the office is we order all the supplies that the mission needs, when available we deliver them, and just all the little things that President or the office need help with we do. We help pick up new missionaries and we help move missionaries. We have the keys to every lock in the office so we are in control of all the book of mormons in all languages and all the passalong cards and all the missionary tools we are incharge of keeping in stock. We are just in charge of a lot of little things that add up time. We have to go pick up DVD players today from walmart for all the new missionaries to do the 12 week program which we ordered for them. Just things like that.
Sorry I got to go but I LOVE YOU!!!!
Elder Clark the shorter