Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Hello! :)

so I realized that I have less than 8 months left on my mission. The
reality of life is crashing on me really hard. I realized that I have
changed but not to where I want to be when I leave. I want to overcome
what is holding me back and that is mental, physical, and spiritual
organization. So I did a few things... Cleaned my room, Organized my
pile of junk, thought of all that I need/committed to do, created a
to-do inbox for myself, and made a commitment in prayer to Heavenly
Father to change if he'd help me. I promised to be accountable to him
in prayer nightly with the things I had decided to change. I have
faith in my favorite scripture Ether 12:27. I definitely believe that
my mission and right now for me (and you) is the best time to change.

It has been about a week since I started this. I am already realizing
the incredible blessings that have poured into my life. My prayers
feel as though I am closer to my Heavenly Father then I've quite
understood. I am feeling a confidence within me that I can do it. I
have noticed that my obedience and study of the scriptures have
increased in efficiency. My view on life is changing more towards
Heaven. I have felt more control in overcoming trials. I have been
able to be a better leader to my district in organization and
effectiveness. I am finding who I really can be. I am happier( :) ).
With this being said, one thing that is not changing is me. I am
always going to be Tyler Clark but I intend to be a better Tyler Clark
than the one you now know.

So I'm SUPER PUMPED about this. I hope my story will be an
encouragement to you to have a similar story! :)

Love you guys!
Elder Clark

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