Monday, July 29, 2013

Dear Family!
So I don't have much time but here ya go!

That referral we received last week ended up being this AWESOME guy named R from Haiti who we met with 3 times and we have a baptismal date with him on August 18th. He is really progressing well and then also we have a few other people we are trying to work with that are doing well.

Biggest story for this week other than that is that we were out on the street doing a talent sweep showing our talents to the world and talking to people about the gospel basically saying that we are real people and we need to work together as children of God. So during that we had a guy who drunk came up to us and started preaching to us but not in a bashing manner at all and he was saying that the world is waiting on us and that we are God's people and kings and priests. That was really cool but then he said a prayer with us and he started crying. it was a thing where we all held hands in a circle of prayer ahha that happens a lot here. It was great.

We are working hard and really seeing a good amount of blessings of success. I love you guys so much!
Have a BEAUTIFUL week!
Elder Clark

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