Monday, July 22, 2013


This week has been a bummer for teaching appointments however we were able to stop by F and K for our appointment to find out that F was asleep but K invited us to eat with them! That was really fun and nice of her. We had given F a blessing and she said that since then his condition had been improving and with restless leg syndrome he had slept well the past few nights so that is awesome.

But then also we knocked a lot of doors this week and after knocking all those doors and such the only person we found literally walked up to us and fearlessed us. He is another very good potential we talked to him for about an hour and a half about the church and he agreed with everything we said. That was cool because hes a bible scholar too!

Then later in the week we were able to meet with a referral from other elders with a guy who said he wants to participate in our musical fireside we are holding. So that will be cool he might end up making a rhythm on guitar with us making lyrics! I have high hopes for a good turnout with that!

A said he was going to be able to come to church and he or F or G or A or R didn't show up! That was a bummer especially because there was a baptism with the ward yesterday... oh well hopefully next week...

But also this week i went on exchanges with another one of my favorite missionaries named Elder Perry and we drove by perry street so I said we should knock it and so we did! Nobody at first on Perry St was nice so that was depressing but then as we were walking away a lady walked out of a house and we decided to talk to her and she became a very very solid potential for the Zone Leaders so that was really cool. Her name was J.

Something that I found really cool about this week is that we had worked really hard doing all that we could to find people to teach. The blessing didn't come in that time doing all we could but it came after we had done all that we could. I think that is definitely a good representation of the Atonement and the meaning of Grace. Grace isn't just making up the difference though grace is Jesus Christ helping us to get as far as we can go and then he carries us the rest of the way.

We also just received a wonderful referral for tonight who might end up being baptised soon it sounds like. we will see! But i will let you know next week!

Love you!
Elder Clark

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