Monday, July 15, 2013

This week. Well it was a pretty good week!

The most recent news has been that Elder W got transfered out of my district and my new district leader is Elder H! he is one of my favorite missionaries and he is from my MTC district!

We have been doing a lot of finding people to teach recently. But even though we are finding people... we are not finding people in our own area. ha 90% of the people we have found have been referrals to other missionaries :( and :) that the work is progressing! However we did receive one referral this week who we contacted and we were able to teach him and his wife and they hopefully will be able to progress! They are a blessing that is for sure.

Once again we had a reallly reallllly awesome Gospel Principles class! It was really amazing because we had someone come who wasn't a member but came with a member and she basically felt the spirit really really strongly! It was really cool because the lesson was on fasting and it turned into one of the most spiritual sunday school classes i have ever been to. and that's saying a lot because of my great teachers growing up. It was amazing how much they just took the lesson away and gospel conversation took over and filled the room with the spirit. She is soooo prepared to hear the gospel it is amazing. She is going to be taught by the sister missionaries and she said she was so spiritually fulfilled that she will definitely be there next sunday.

I have a testimony of testimonies and the effect of simple testimonies. They are the most powerful. If you listen to the testimonies of the General Authorities who knock our socks off with the spirit and listen to the words they are saying... you will realize that they are simple truths. It is the spirit that brings the power so why can't we bear testimony of simple truths and have the same spiritual power? We can. Every member is a missionary and every testimony can make a difference in a brother or sisters eternity. But don't do it as a duty do it as an act of love.

So to explain the pictures... the mug is for the plaque if you want to use that one... idk... but then the house is a parable we made when we were tracting about how the house could be a beautiful thing but it stood still and didn't get worked on until the paint all came off and satans twine of bushes slowly tied it up and overcame it. but the atonement of Jesus Christ works as the paint and the shears so thats why i am sad!  haha then there is a pic of us at a park :)

So I love you all! Have a beautiful week! It was fun to hear about all those experiences within the last two weeks! Keep it up please :)
Have fun and Love ya!

Elder Clark

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