Monday, July 8, 2013

July 8


Hooray for Jeffy I mean ELDER CLARK!!!! That is so cool. Man he is so awesome! He will do so many good things to the good place of Japan(north carolina).

I am grateful for his testimony. It is amazing how much simple obedience helps us to gain an unshaken testimony of the Gospel. Specifically it is the Lords plan for all of us and only through using all the principles and ordinances of the Gospel can we have immortality and eternal life.

This week has been really good! Elder M and I have walked a lot this last week. Basically anytime when we run out of daily car miles we just go down to the pad, park, and walk main street fearlessing people for however long we have left during the day. There was even a day that we did not use our car. thats where the two pictures came from is our walking times... haha i like walking a lot!

Shoot it is really fun to have Elder M as a companion because we are very very obedient. This week we had 3 lessons that we taught to random people! That hasn't happened very often... but it did this week! We are finding a lot of people to teach but they are almost all in other missionaries areas... so we give a lot of referrals. Hopefully we will be able to have the tender mercies of finding people or families who are pure in heart and ready to accept the gospel.

A last week left for the military but yesterday he actually called me! It was so fun to talk to him! He was so excited that there was an LDS church on the base and everything! but ya his phone is now gone for 2 months at least...

We finally were able to meet with B also! His wife just got out of the Hospital from a full knee replacement and we were able to go give her a blessing that I feel like truly brought the spirit into their lives. I wonder if she will actually join our lessons now? That's what I am hoping!

I have to go but I love you all!
Elder Clark

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