Monday, August 5, 2013

This week was weird. We did a lot of service and got a lot of community presence going so that was good. But we went on 2 exchanges and we had service to do in the morning 3 times this week so we hardly got to do much studies. We had set 4 or 5 appointments that didn't work out but we were able to teach R once this week and he came to church again and loved it. He is still excited for his baptism in two weeks! With it being fast and testimony meeting he wrote on the program that "when it time for my testimony, I will make everyone cry. because i have been through a lot and i am lucky to be here. success story." He is amazing. A definite tender mercy as I have said before. He is a little bit worried to speak in church though because he thinks he cant speak english very well bit I notice no language barrier.

I have been teaching Gospel Principles and I just love that class. It has been a humbling experience for me just learning from these people who are new to the church. They have full lives behind them and they are very very strong in the faith. They have a true understanding of simple doctrines that they know and trust more than many active members. Simplicity is great and powerful.

We also were able to go to Port Jefferson (beautiful) and we did a singing street sweep in the rain. Our whole zone got on this street corner and sang hymns for about an hour with a giant sign in front of us and it was super cool. Very very fun. (i even beatboxed as a background to a few of the songs... haha ya Dad I haven't been the greatest at stopping beatboxing... sorry :) )

You decide whether you want to share this next paragraph to all or not I don't mind either way:

Yesterday I had the opportunity to fast for miracles. I did not realize the huge blessing that would come from it. Elder M and I seemed to have a normal missionary day until we got a call around 9 to give a blessing to a single lady in our wards non-practicing Muslim daughter. We felt it necessary to go but we did not realize the magnitude of the need. She had tried to kill herself 2 times in the past week, by divine intervention she is still alive. So we gave her a blessing and felt the Power of God's indescribable Love for her. She finally felt some peace. She then opened up to us and told us of her life story and we were then able to testify of the same simple amazing truths that brought me out here on my mission and she felt the power behind it. Elder M and I had a really great experience with helping her out and now we have a lot of hope for her.

I testify will all the power of my soul that Heavenly Father knows us. But he doesn't just know us. He is our number one fan. He follows us better than we could possibly follow our favorite sports team. He is there for us always whether he intervenes or not. But he ALWAYS does what is best for us and what eternally will make us the Happiest we possibly can be. I promise that if we choose to follow him and submit our will to his loving plan for us we will receive a fulness of joy, love, and peace. More so than we could ever imagine with our temporary minds. It's worth it.

The pics are of when i was justin beiber for a companionship study and when i saran wrapped Elder M earlier this week. :) haha

Alright I got the look to go from Elder M hahahaha just kiddin i got to go though.
I love you all!
Elder Clark Sr.

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