Monday, October 1, 2012

motherly Dear! :)
I love New York. Oh man! It is the greatest! Really expensive so chances are I'm not living here... but traveling when I can afford? YES! This is such a great experience!

Jeffy is so great! Tell him I love him! Thanksgiving will be so fun! I'll be there in spirit and in love! :) Oh my gosh I am so excited for him to recieve his temple endowment(power) and get set apart(authority) to do as preach my Gospel explains to "teach with power and authority" in the Land where God's children are waiting for him. He will help people realize that he has what they are looking for! So many people are looking for it even if they don't know it. Another Elder Clark in the family will be sooo powerful for the family. Jeffrey will do soooooo well as well! He will have such a great experience! I can't wait to see him and have the Son's of Mosiah feeling with him! I can already feel the power in which that will be. It is amazing and that power is eternal.

I really truly feel of your love right now it helps me sooo much to continue working and to be doing the work of the Lord! It's an amazing work! Our mission president has been helping us work smarter by going to places where families might be! We had Elder S come speak to us and he spoke of how there are thousands of families in the area prepared to hear the gospel so we are focusing on finding families to teach! We are doing this by, as mission president states, "Going to places where families will be like high school football games, parks, any area activities" and things like that! Oh man it is so smart! He is inspired directly from God! He trusts us soooo much! I love to have that because I know that as we do these things with the purpose and drive to find families who are prepared by God to hear the Gospel we will be able to find them. This is truth. Sesi se verite. - Haitien Creole for "this is truth" haha I'm trying to learn!

So truly the work is going well! We have been blessed by the Lord! C is such a wonderful man. He bore his testimony yesterday at church(his second week there!) We haven't even finished teaching him the restoration! But he spoke about how Elder Clark and J knocked on his door and changed his life! That was one of the most rewarding things I have ever heard! I love him! K didn't go because of school work but she still is looking forward to baptism I believe. I am sooo excited to teach more people! I have hope that through Grace and Mercy we will be able to find more people to receive the wonderful news!

I got to go to the temple on Saturday with a recent convert here (who I also love!) named F! She has a great story of how she wouldn't even meet with the missionaries(they'd have lesson's over the phone even!) and then she came to church and loved it and she quit smoking and drinking tea and drinking 2 weeks later cold turkey to be baptised at the end of last transfer! She is wonderful and it was a great experience to go to the temple with her. When we taught her about temple work she said first "am I going to have to get my hair wet?" Then I explained more and she said "I know it's true. It is so much better than the belief in death then straight to hell. This sound's more like the loving Christ I know" Oh my gosh it was so cool! So ya then after that we went and had lunch in Central Park and I felt like spiderman. hahah just kidding but there were sooooo many people it was a missionaries dream! Elder J and I fearlessed sooooooo many people and gave out so many cards it was sooo fun! I also talked to this journalist who is probably going to write a story on Mormonism now! I'm hoping he still does! He asked me all about what I thought of Mitt Romney and the mormon moment and then also a lot more things! He also asked me of Garments so that was fun to answer... hahaha I'm hoping he also doesn't write anything from the internet but instead from like or other missionaries thats what I told him is that the best place to go for info was there... but we will see! ya that was a good day!

Thanks for the talks! I love them! I hope that was a good experience going to all of those Farewells! Let the Work Press On!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IT'S GLORIOUS!

I love you all sooooooooooooo much! thanks for everything!
Elder Clark

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