Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Dear Motherly Dearest and my wonderful Eternal Family! whether under the Clark name or not!

I am reporting to you from this wonderful place I call Hicksville... because thats literally the towns name haha :) but anyways I am doing really well! The Atonement goes on! It's just something I am blessed to get to learn is how to (finally) humble myself and just only love. Contention = bad. haha :) Love = GREAT = Gift of God when we obey his commandments!

I love sharing about God's wonderful plan for us because it is soooo perfect! It's insanely organized!!! I can't believe how amazing it is that God brings to pass his eternal purposes through his imperfect Children who learn to rely on Christ and use the Atonement to change themselves in order to obey God's commandments! It is soooooo simple yet soooooo profound! Isn't it amazing that he has a perfect knowledge of alll things and he does EXACTLY what will make us happiest! That's why its soooo crucial for us to say "not my will but thy will be done" because as we do we will be able to receive the most blessings and we will be able to see how much better for us God's way is than our own thoughts and ideas about how things should be... He strengthens us by having us strengthen others! He is the perfect CEO of this amazing Earth Company! He trains us so that the only thing he has to do is pay us with blessings and we do all the work to learn and grow and gain experience and strengthen and lift each other for HIS glory so that someday we can all be like him and hopefully receive our own Celestial Glory!!! How amazing is that! It is not a popularity contest in this workforce either! WE ARE ALL BROTHERS AND SISTERS! Thank goodness the founding fathers had inspiration from on high to create this country where that is the basis. Equality. We all are on our journey through life to become the best that we can be! Time doesn't go any faster for any of us than another! We just need to make the most out of it! Until we are blessed to be like God through the wonderful Atonement of Christ! It makes us soooo important and GREAT! However without that Atonement we are nothing. Isn't it great! Haha we NEED Christ in our life otherwise there is no point. we are unclean and can't progress.

So anyways we have been working hard to find those prepared to hear the Gospel and it is soooo much fun to talk to soooo many people! We are fearlessing a lot! Really it is fun to see positive results in the work here because of it! We are finding a lot of people to teach but still no baptisms yet... those that are close and interested are held back by work hours... sad news... but hopefully that will change!

It is sooo fun to be a missionary though... I love looking at the Elder Clark on my name tag... sometimes I laugh because of how fast it has gone... My life is short... This mission will be even shorter... I can't believe how fast it has gone anyways... There's no way I feel old enough to be a missionary and then when I'm married I gaurantee there will be no way I feel old enough to be married... Then there will be no way that I am old enough to have a High School Kid! And then time will go so fast that I will be dead thinking theres no way I am old enough to be dead... Time will just go that fast! haha and all that matters is that we stick to God's plan for us! Nothing else does! EES GREAT I LOVE IT!! Then comes Eternal Happiness in the Celestial Kingdom hopefully!

We have also faced a lot of rejection in the last week.... Man... people these days... don't understand their purpose to life... but anyways we got cussed out hardcore yesterday about how we are stupid because we believe in a cult started by a farmer that got gold from a stupid hill (that is extremely edited) hahaha but guess what... IM SOOOO HAPPYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!! Those things don't matter. The fact that I know eternal truths and I truly receive blessings of joy because of obedience is the greatest thing in the world! YAY! Happy are we! Happy are WE! Soldiers in the army! :) YEEEEHAAAA!!! Spanish time YIIIIIIIIIJAAAA!!! Haha anyways... I hope life is going well for all within the sound of this email... I love you all!!! :) choose to be happy! Choose Eternal Life! The time is NOW to make a decision! As for you and your house you will serve.... THE LORD!!!!!!! :)


Elder Tyler Joseph Clark

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