Monday, October 8, 2012

Dear Mother Dear! and all others within the sound of this email! I love you! Love your neighbors! Love all because Love = Joy (elder l says hi) hes a stud missionary I'm happy to be in the same district as him and if your wondering he wrote that in. Say hi as you please. haha :)

I'm happy you got Sister N's letter! Did you get the picture as well she sent? I hope! :) Yes she is sooooo awesome! She is a huge blessing! She was baptised just before I got here and she quit everything cold turkey! She got to do baptism's with Elder J and I a few days before she wrote you! :) It was a great experience!

Aren't the revelation's of a Wonderful Modern Day Prophet amazing! That was inspired! It makes me think that the time is nigh at hand! This is going to increase missionary work in number and efficiency! I can't wait to be like a year older than people in a few months hahaha it will be weird! What will be crazy is if people like Sarina or Annie or Momi or any other girls my age end up coming on a mission now?! That'd be sooo great! Sister Missionaries are awesome! They are good for missionary work! Women are just great in general. I guess that's why I like them. haha :)

About voting... I definitely would but I don't really know anything... I don't know what is going on but I don't know what to do... maybe just mail it to me... I'll mail it back! Idk!

That is soooo cool about Kyle though!!! He is so smart! Knowledge is super important and building your intelligence in school will only increase your ability to spiritually learn! Knowledge of spiritual things is a gift from God! Feast upon it!

Yay for Aunt Karen! Good thing the judgement bar of God isn't like chip timing that... Oooooh you missed the celestial kingdom by one cup of coffee! Haha I am sooo happy we have a knowledge of how it can be a pleasing bar as stated so wonderfully in conference! I loved conference sooooo much!!!! I don't know if I told you but Elder Shayne Bowen spoke to us the other week and it was really really good! He is amazing!

 Haha I am typically being a missionary right now... Don't worry my jokes wont always be related to scripture... I think anyways... hahahaha :) I am a happy Scriptural Geek! YAY! :)

I don't know about getting to the temple much! We will see! I have gone more than most people go in such a short amount of time! Blessings! Yay! I hope sooooo bad to get to see my friends sealed!!!! It will be an amazing experience if I do!

Tell Dad to stop complaining his knee is not nearly as big as Sadies! Hahahahaha I'm joking. Dad you are soooo humble and selfless! I love having that example for me. I need to follow it! Flanks so much for it!

Oh man! The work is soooooo exciting right now! Field is white already to harvest! I love speaking to those who Heavenly Father has blessed to be prepared and willing to listen! I love seeing how he uses us to accomplish his purpose in turn making us one with him. Becoming as he is. The Abrahamic Covenant is an amazing thing to be able to take part in and through it we have a promise of Eternal Life! Yay for faithful fathers that came before us!

Austin best be gettin better because golly the sports star is important for the athletic ability of this country!

Riles... Can you please know that you're the best foosba playa in awl da worl! hahaha Clark we need you.

Kyle.... Man youre great! Keep up the smiley fun and life will good! Keep up the love and eternity will be good too!

Just so you know.... if you are putting this on the blog or anything please put this in...

To any of those who are considering missionary service and to all really haha:

Let me tell you of the amazing joys of missionary service. You learn. You love. You grow. There is nothing more amazing about missionary work than the blessings that come from it! Missionary work sets our hearts in the right place to be prompted by the spirit in love for God's children. It is an amazing and once in a lifetime opportunity for personal growth, organization, spirituality, and joy. The work in the Glory of our Father is the greatest joy that can come to us as children of God. A decision to serve a mission is a very important decision. A mission is the hardest thing that I have ever experienced in my mortal life. However the difficulty, the blessings of it completely outweigh the troubles. You will feel yourself grow to the person that Christ see's you as. Through selfless service and diligence in obedience you will be able to feel the blessings of Heaven truly surround you. This is a blessed work. But just as the general authority states, It is work. Challenges will come. No doubt. But overcoming those challenges will make you rely on Christ in turn growing in faith and maturity. As this happens you become the best that you can be. Thank goodness for trials that shape and refine us as we rely on the Savior! When you serve, you are able to feel of God's love for people which in turn shares that love with you. Love = Joy. The Eternal Joy of the Father is through the immortality and eternal life(exaltation) of our fellow brothers and sisters. Missionary work is a blessing and promised blessings come from those who take part in it. Whether be it on a mission or not. Every member is indeed a missionary. When you make your decision, you need to remember that God knows you better than you know yourself. I mean that in the sense that his path is the one we need to take, not always by our own plans. His paths will lead us to Eternal Happiness in the best possible way available to us. In saying this I want you to know that through sincerity of prayer and open hearts to follow God's plan for us we can receive a spiritual witness of God's individual plan for us. We do not know what lies in the road ahead but God does. Consider this as you diligently seek your answer. Also I want you to know that I love you and God Loves you. Because of the spirits you render and the faith that you have been blessed with you are precious. You are important to the Kingdom of Heaven. I do not know specifics but I do know that as you find yourself through becoming as the Savior, through his Atonement, you will be able to find of your spiritual blessings. Develop them for they are blessings given specifically to you to develop and help build Zion. You are necessary so make sure you are there.

A Happy Missionary

Thanks soooo much Eryone for the love and all! Again I hope all is well and I will be excited to see yall in less than 20 months... Can you believe that? It seems so short!

Kick some in life. for eternity.
Elder Clark

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