Monday, October 22, 2012

Dear Children. Of God. Haha :)

I love you and everything about you! BE HAPPY! This is a happy time! I don't care what time it is but it is now a happy time. and later a happy time. and for eternity a happy time! Happiness comes when we are coming unto Christ! Letting him fix our broken hearts to make us whole!
So good news... Elder Q and I are good friends now! Yay for prayer! When you need help... pray in faith and do all you can to help yourself! :) God wants to help us help ourselves he doesn't want to help us without our effort because we won't grow. He does what will make us grow! Soooooo transfer calls were on Saturday... Crazy how fast time goes.... The end of my 3rd 6 week transfer in the mission. There are 17 transfers in an English speaking mission. I am STAYING here in Plainview! so is my companion and so are the other two elders. It's crazy that no one is leaving! I guess God decided he would like us to baptize people here and we needed to do it!... haha so ya that's the new news. President also said that he is going to keep people in there areas for about 6 months at a time because he wants us to grow really good relationships with members so that they can trust you with their referrals! It's smart because of how valuable member referrals are. They are amazing. In my mission so far I have had 3 member referrals that have all turned into baptisms (they were ultra prepared though nothing really to do with me). Tells you how important members are in missionary work! So be EXAMPLES! Be willing to share your precious jewel of knowledge of God's plan for us with your friends who need it! (By the way that's everyone... even members... no pressure... ;) )

Holy Smokes what to do in life... Hard Question. GOOD LUCK  with that question.  I am glad that all I have to worry about right now is focusing on the Salvation of others... That is FUN to worry about... EWWW for the future of deciding what to do.... That is scary but I am excited to find out what to do and raise an eternal family. More bringing to pass the immortality and Eternal Life of man. Fulfilling our purpose here :) But either way life is short. The most important thing is families. :)

Man I love basketball... It would have been so fun to try to play highschool... Haha now that I am actually playing smart it is a lot of fun! But man I am sooooo happy about Kyle and his practice and work in tennis! Next Andy Roddick? Why not!!! He's Kyle Clark!!!!! He can do anything!!!! hahaha :)

And that is sweet about Austin's pick! Man that's sooo cool! Hopefully the kid didn't hurt his fist! And also his 6th place!!!!! Wow that is crazy awesome!!! Dang... I don't like running. cross country kinda made me happy while not at the same time. I like chasing a ball.

Shoot Riley loves injuries huh? Well jeepers he is so good that he can be the best at sports with the injuries!!!! That is sad though..  Hopefully it gets better soon!

Man It sounds like with Jeffrey doing great in Rugby and getting faster that I'm the only one in the fam right now who isn't beasting it up in sports!!! Haha well I did play basketball today... So I guess I can put some Clark influence out here ;)

So anyways... This will be a really exciting fresh start for us and I know that we will be blessed for our work. Hopefully that blessing comes in the form of success with bringing people unto Christ! That is my purpose out here!

This past week has been hard because we have had 8 or 9 set up teaching appointments with a lot of solid people and all of them either weren't there, cancelled on us, or we couldn't teach without getting a male member to teach with us. So we taught 3 whopping lessons this week. So Sad. but anyways this next week we will most likely be blessed to teach a lot more! We are still working hard and I know we will be blessed for it! I hope you can feel blessings at home. I pray for you ALL all the time. We are still freaky fearlessing and I have to get 2 peoples information today to fill up my Potential Investigators section of my planner for this transfer! Hopefully that will happen! I am sooo much happier now that I have learned to lose myself and talk to everyone... my first two transfers there were a lot of people and putting both together I filled about half of my Potential Investigators section... Now I just need to fill up my Investigators section! then I will work on helping them accept and use Christ's Atonement through gaining Faith, Repentance, Baptism, Receiving the Gift of the Holy Ghost and Enduring to the End! Well I will work on that anyways ;) haha but that's what my goal is in my mission... if I can do that I will be happy and feel accomplished. :)

We have almost no investigators close to baptism yet... but we will find them. they will be baptised. they can't run or hide. We know they're here. They can't change their fate. ok just kidding that's getting into Satan's plan. I can't change their fate but they can't help but to accept Christ in there life! in the way that he wants us to!  Yay BURNING PLAINS! Baptise with water and fire! then let that fire burn within you forever! As you do you will be on fire in life and Eternity! All the Glory be to God! :) Immortality and Eternal Life or Exaltation awaits! Choose Eternal Life!

Ohhhhh man just coming back to NY will be the coolest thing ever! I'm excited to hopefully be able to make a trip or two during my Southern Virginia years! :) That'll be great! But it'll be even better with the fam if we ever get the chance to go... We are a busy family... I understand if we never get to go! There'll be a lot of mission areas in the family coming up here sooner than we think.

Anyways I love you all! Good luck with your journeys to become like Christ! I know you can do it through the Atonement!

Elder Clark

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