Friday, November 2, 2012

It is nuts what is going on here... I don't know if you have seen any pics or anything but trees are down everywhere! Anywhere close to the ocean has been flooded up to 5 feet in houses... There are a ton of walls that came down and a lot of houses burnt down and just madness. But there is a perfect opportunity to serve. I have loved being able to help out it is sooooo much fun! Especially because the missionaries have been going in packs to serve and we are Mormon Helping Hands in ACTION!!! It is wonderful and so many of these people are so thankful it is truly amazing! People have been prepared for us by the hurricane.

I was able to be dumb to some kind animals! I mean kind to dumb animals! Because during the hurricane we had Elders come stay with us and we were playing phase 10 and we heard noises out the window... We thought it was just wind whistle because the wind was NUTS but it was just 3 little tiny kittens... they were down in the bushes and the mother was nowhere to be found and it was a hurricane outside! So we took them in and saved their lives. Blessed are we! Haha that was cool though to be able to feed them milk through ear syringe we bought and play with them til the storm passed. We felt like kitten heroes(which is not quite as cool as I make it out to be) and Elder A wanted to keep them and eat them. Ha I'm just kidding because they eat cat in Haiti i guess. He loves it.

So we have been doing sooooo much service! We have been ripping peoples wet carpet out, bucketing water out of basements and main floors even, lifting wet furniture out of houses, carrying peoples fallen trees away, just doing whatever people have needed and it has been such a blast and it brings people soooo many smiles so that makes all of it worth it! We haven't really taught any lessons all week but mostly because people still don't have power in a lot of places... You don't even know how hard it is to find food. Haha so many stores closed... Also no gas can really get here... People are lined up at gas stations to fill their gas containers for their generators, cars are lined up to get their $20 limit of gas for like 3 blocks behind the gas stations, the few that are open anyways. It is just a very interesting time right now.

Story huh?... welll we went to do service at this less Actives house by the bay that got very very flooded and that was perfect because she was the perfect person to take the kittens off of our hands and we ripped off all of their carpet and took it outside to the curb and they were sooooo so grateful and they hadn't responded to phone calls or anything before but now they are going to let the missionaries come visit and they are taking us out to dinner and they truly feel as though we were sent by God to help them...

Another lady we ripped out wet carpet for was almost crying the whole time and she was super super impressed with us and how we worked without accepting money and she also said that she knows that God sent us to her and she very possibly will be an investigator. I received a prompting to go back to her and say a prayer with her as everyone was leaving and that was amazing. She was ecstatic to say a prayer with us! I was blessed to be able to say it and everyone in that circle felt the spirit. She was so close to tears and she thanked us sooo much and hugged Elder v (my Zone Leader who came back to her with me) and I. I felt sooooo much love for her flowing through me. We are all children of God and we all need that charity! You receive blessings of joy and love from it and so seek to share your love through charity!

So ya that is the update for now! I miss you all and love you!

I know for a fact that the Lord prepares all of us to become like him through the Atonement of Christ! This life and every trial in it is an experience for us to learn and change. We get to choose eternal life in the way we handle situations we are faced with in life. We are not alone and we will receive help when we ask for it. Whether the help is lifting the burden right away or helping us to get through it, it is sooooo vital for us to turn to the Lord and NOT let Satan control us by choosing his ways! God has a way prepared for us! Lets use it!

The Gospel is not just RULES for our lives they are ways that we can receive more joy and more agency and more love! God is dying to give us blessings if we choose to receive them! Blessings aren't always what we think we want but they are always what God knows we need. We are in training to become like Christ. Think of Christ's responsibility.

Families are CENTRAL. Focus on families and bringing them to the knowledge of the Gospel and your life will be lived without regrets.

Elder Clark

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