Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Dear Wonderful fam!
Thank you for all that you do! You're super!
I live on 71 Rhine Ave... Second Floor :) but don't have anyone send anything there... I could get transfered on the 11th! But I don't know... We will see! My area is the northwest part of Staten Island right now and our pad is not quite in our area... but it's close! Anyways! the work here is super fun! I have been learning more and more how to fearless people! I'm excited for a walking area so that I can fearless like all day!!! I love talking to people! And I love seeing myself become better at talking simply and non-nervously! Hopefully that pattern still continues! :) So anyways we have been doing a lot of looking people up and talking to people because most of our people to worry about either are getting baptised, dropped, baptised, or gone for some reason... So we don't have a lot of people to teach! Were trying hard to get more! It's been really fun though and this mission is a HUGE learning process! :) It is the best ever! I'm excited to keep learning! So sorry I don't have much time :( But I want you to know that sharing your testimony strengthens yours and it will help you to feel the everlasting joy that comes from the spirit! I have learned that the spirit truly makes me excited! I can't believe my whole life I didn't recognize it... But it definitely makes me so happy! I love learning! Make sure you and the family has time to study the scriptures together! Talk about it and write any impressions that you get! I still love teaching people and it is really fun to do "Preach My Gospel Lightning Round"'s! they are a super fun 5 minute practice teaching thing our mission president showed us so we have been learning how to teach a little bit better :) I have also realized that the spirit is the most important thing in teaching... Anyways... I am eating plenty plenty plenty of breakfast! Enough lunch! Enough dinner and when we eat at members houses a lot of dinner! But a and b couldn't come to church on sunday because she was sick and he needed to take care of their baby girl (c she is the awesomest baby! :) Super cute and really smart already! I love that family! G and D are pretty much going on missions and getting married right after! It's crazy! But I love them both! I need to leave! Super sadly but ask if you have any questions! :) Thanks for all the love! I will write more next time and I'm really excited to hear that everyone is doing so well! Blessings of the Gospel! :) I love you!
Elder Clark

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