Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Dear Mother Dear y mi familia!
Thanks for sending your love through the air and through prayer! I feel it! :) So things are going really well! We are blessed! A and B just got married on saturday and baptised on sunday! It is crazy go nuts! They are some of the coolest people ever! They will totally be strong members! They will raise their family in righteousness and have the happily ever after everyone looks for! That is what is in store for all of us through the Gospel of Jesus Christ! Families are FOREVER! I love saying that and thinking about it because I love our family so much! We have been blessed to have such a happy family!

So this week has been extremely busy with planning and setting up everything for the wedding and baptism! It was a stressful but blessed experience! But luckily and by tender mercies it actually went pretty well! Elder A and I were bridesmaids... I mean Groomsmen or whatever ;) And other than that we only had to sit and enjoy the amazing spirit of it! I guess I was DJ also... But we were in charge of everything... I mean EVERYTHING! It was a good experience I am definitely a wedding planner now... Leave it to me and A!

It is crazy how fast this time has gone... I have less than two more weeks before the end of this transfer! YAY for 2/17ths of my mission! ;)  That is the good news and the bad news... Times flying by and I can't stop it! I can't believe it! So good news! Remember C? She moved her baptismal date up to the 9th of September so that she could make sure that Elder A and I could be there! Because weirdly enough one of us could get transfered but hopefully not! We also have D planned for the 9th! YAY! We have been blessed again! Hopefully they all stay strong! They should though! I don't think either of them are sketchy... C is extremely strong and has been for a long time and then D is strong a lot because of E; with this new job will be able to come to church! So he hopefully will be able to baptize her! That will be super awesome and special if he can! I love these people! I love Staten Island... It'll be hard to ever leave here... Leaving the mission is going to be a hard hard experience let me tell you that in advance. :)

So remember how I thought I was going spanish speaking? Well I have this big desire to learn spanish so I am learning a lot from my buddy Elder F! I have learned Nuestro Objectivo y Tratare Aprender mas! :) I have a pretty good fearless ready in spanish! I'm practicing! :) I really am learning a lot and it is fun! I kinda want to go to a zebra area (where they teach all investigators whether spanish or english) just to try it out!

Before I forget can you give me Erin and Bryan Lindleys address because I accidentally through away their address... I need it... They sent me an AMAZING watch and I NEED to thank them! :)

So I have this goal to not be afraid to talk to anyone ever! It's a work in progress but I believe I am improving! Someday! through the atonement I will humble myself and be good at it! :) I love the spirit! I have never been a happier person than the times on my mission where I have the spirit with me and where I am doing God's work like I should and being obedient! If I truly learn that it will make for a jolly ol' mission! ;)

Mom, How is preschool going?

I miss you all! But just so you know LOVE MULTIPLIES! Youre ability to love never ends there are no limits!! Eternal Truth rat ther! :) I love you!

Look to your patriarchal blessings for advice! I love you! when you meet someone who can't smile give them one of yours!(Quote from our AP Elder M(he was my Zone Leader)) :) Just be happy! There are a lot of blessings that come from it! :)

Also, there is some exciting news on the spreading of the Gospel Worldwide! 4 Elders came to our mission who are waiting for their visa to head to Turkey! They will be the first four missionaries in a Muslim country! :) Super cool! They must be stud missionaries to because 2 of them are being trained by the AP's themselves! I fearlessed four kids speaking Uru(sp unknown) who have been here less than 4 years from Pakistan! That was cool!


Elder Clark

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