Wednesday, September 5, 2012

sept 10

Mother and Family!

Oh man! Eirik is the man! I miss him! If you get the chance will you tell him that I love him and that he is going to be a stud Gangsta for the Lord. I love Eirik. I love to hear about his talk and Brandon crying and everything! I love seeing and hearing about eternal families! They are all around us and it is such a joyful thing! :)

So anyways... I love to hear about the love you gain for people on missions; It is true... I cried in happiness yesterday because of my excitement for N who got baptised by her husband (now pretty much activated) for D and A and their amazing changes that have been able to happen through the Atonement, for both of those couples and the amazing chance that they have to become sealed in the temple in a year! Then I cried out of excitement for C and her baptism and A and the changes and happy lifestyle that she has adopted. Then for G and his mission and how he just recieved the Melchizedek Priesthood and confirmed D and A This is what the mission is about. It is my favorite thing in the world to see God's will and purpose happen right before my eyes! I have been blessed in this area to see so many people change! If this were my whole mission's success it would be all worth it.(typical I know but TRUE!)

My heart is literally full from all the love I have been able to feel for God's children! Which makes me sad... because I am being transfered... I don't know where until transfer meeting tomorrow(tuesday)... but I am really really sad to leave Staten Island but I am really excited because God's children aren't only in Staten Island... They are all over the place! so I know that I will be able to love my next area as well.

I'm glad to hear that the brothers of my mother are doing well! I miss them. However lifes all good in the hood! They will just keep on living life and loving life! I'm glad to hear riley has a friend... hahah jk I know riley has at least 1! :) And tell Austin to keep on kicking! What doesn't kill you makes you stronger ;) haha maybe don't take that advice... just Listen to your mother! :) best advice ever sorry for not always listening to you... I'll work on that when I get home :) Also glad to hear kyle sweeped away some of the soon to be scored goals! Way to be bro! :)
Thanks for teaching me how to work! :) and Riley would be beastin up the football field. what a stud! STUUUUUUUDDDDDDDDD!!!!!!

My comp... I will be changing comps in like a day... but Elder C is a stud and he is half black and we get along really well and he is very funny and we do a lot of service and looking up people and laughing and making jokes and putting personality in our teaching and focusing on baptism's and stuff! I got to know quite a lot of members really well! We obviously have some favorite members we like and our ward in staten english is just over 100 that show up almost every sunday... It is really nice. How far I go everyday? We probably average around 30 miles driving but we generally only go off of staten like once a week... I don't use the ferry. We have a car that we always take and we only use the ferry when we go to manhatten for a temple trip or something. very rare though..

So ya thats all folks... I love you all though! :)
Elder Clark

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