Monday, September 17, 2012

sept 17

Dear Riley and Kyle ------ I am soooo excited about you reading the Book of Mormon! It will honestly be one of the greatest blessings in your life as you diligently study it and apply the precepts of it in your life! "A man can get nearer to God by applying it's precepts than any other book" (Joseph Smith) This book will make a difference in your life and your growth in becoming as Christ is.

Sooooo the news... Brace yourself... Drumroll please... My new area is Plainview, New York! It is pretty far out on Long Island! My new companion is named Elder G  He is a GREAT missionary and he is from Haiti! It is really cool because this area is a Zebra pool meaning that we teach both Haitien Creole and English investigators! I am trying at the moment to learn some Creole to get up to possible communication with some of these people! :) It's fun! Sac Pase?!(whats up) Haha but other than that and the purpose of missionaries thats about all I know! Me Cone JeziKri se suvino! I know that Jesus Christ is our savior! Spelling i am unsure about also... haha but ya so thats my new news! I am living in a house... I live in the upstairs of 46 Willoughby, Hicksville, NY 11801 :) It is just Elder G and I living here. Yes it was extremely hard to leave my first area Staten Island. I LOVED the people there soooooo much! However I am loving my new wards here! We and one other companionship are serving over the Plainview ward and the YSA ward here so that means I am at church for 6-1/2 hours! Whew! But I'm doin okay after trial #1 :) So people also got a hoot of how the new missionaries in the ward were Elder Lewis and Clark! haha :) I hope I get to be companions with him to carry that name on. And hes great :) Also what is weird about here is that we play volleyball under permission of the mission president from 9-11:30 on wednesday nights with the YSA ward! Woah that got me tired the first time... haha

I am so glad Gramps surgery went well! And the awesome blessing as well! :) I love to hear that! I hope that you told him I love him...

Oh man it joys me to hear of Jeffreys success! He is the man! A stud! A beast! A haas! All the above :) I'm glad to hear of Riley beasting it as well. Kyle beasting it as well. Austin beasting it as well. Man. I would be happy being the annoying housefly on the backs of this beastly family! haha :) I love you all so much!

Ya about visits from people mother please don't hesitate to tell them its probably not the best idea... just because I am trying to use my full 2 years out here to do what I am called to do. Truly I don't think it would be the best use of my time to meet with people even though I know how fun it would be. I hope not to offend because I hope people know how much I love them and that I would love to meet them any other time in my life however this is the only two years I get... I need to act now. Also it is basically against the rules and in my effort to be obedient I don't like creating gray areas.

But Mother thank you soooooo much for all of the things you have done to get me here. I can't thank you, Dad or my Heavenly Father enough! I am so happy to be here. I would do this again in half of a heartbeat.

I'm happy to hear that Kyle will probably take some lessons from Alexa! She is great! :) Tell her hi from me! And tell her thanks for spreading the love of the wonderful sport!

Anyways about the work here... we are fearlessing a lot! Thats really fun! I have been able to fearless in English and Spanish and I'm excited to add a new asset of Creole! :) We also knock a lot of doors! So that is fun! Except for everyone being extremely unreceptive and rejective and sometimes very disrespectful but let the work go on! :) Haha people can have their pride...

I love you all!! :) Thanks for all that you do for me! Remember that the Lord is always on your side as you turn to his side! :) He loves you and wants to help you! This is true and if you don't know it test it! I love my opportunity to stand as a representative of Jesus Christ and Declare the Love of God to His Children! :)


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