Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Wow could you believe I'm in the middle of my last transfer?!?!?!

I'm serving in Rego Park again with Elder M (stud) and I am
really loving it. So this is my death place. It's weird. But I'm happy
to be here. It's crazy that I'm in the office again though...

So the work here is going well. Were working but as always in the
office week 1 and 6 are a lot of work... So it will be fun! Even my
last week here!! Woot Woot! It is surreal that I'm coming home so
soon... But anyways. I guess things with Richmond Hill people are
still doing well... That's fun to hear. I'm surprised at how well I
have actually known and missed the members of Rego Park also. It's fun
to be here. I plan to work hard to strengthen the members here. Were
trying to do a lot of short member visits to help them fulfill their
missionary responsibilities.

This week was cool... As you may have read on Facebook from Yoshi...
We visited him and encouraged him to read the Book of Mormon. He
didn't read and then he got a headache and when he actually started to
read his headache went away! That was cool. We got to visit with a few
people that I was working with before so that's been good and fun.

We've been helping Elder B

get cars ready to sell... So that
has been fun and a lot of work.

Honestly though I'm excited to work hard and be diligent and obedient
to go home feeling good.

Elder Clark

This is us in the process of laughing because we tried to hold off a
hole in a tire with wood glue and scotch tape... Were brilliant... It
didn't fully work... As expected. But it was fun!

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