Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Hello, my name is Elder Clark.
I love you all!

This week. This week. This week. Well I'll be honest all the weeks
kinda mash together when it comes to my mission. Ha :) I just simply
love it all though.

Today I'm very very grateful for tender mercies. For some reason this
week has been a really solid week because of all the little things
that happened. I am real happy about it! Small things like more
companionship unity than before, more people that I was able to talk
to, better studies, a sweet person we were able to teach, and just
simply things went well and they were fun. We were able to talk to
visit a ton of less actives this week also. This week still had the
struggles of everyday life but the little things and the blessings of
The Lord make a huge difference. We are happy when we have the spirit
because joy is a fruit of the spirit. When we work hard to improve or
do something according to Heavenly Fathers will.

I am just grateful that Heavenly Father directs my life according to
my worthiness. It helps keep me in check. I can be happy no matter
what happens to me as I am living a life worthy of the spirit!

So also... This week I created an extension to the pull up bar we
found so that it could fit our door. It is super cool and now I'm
doing P90X with Elder M in the mornings and if the other elders
want they join in! I'll probably be doing that until I get home... I'm
excited :)

So I love you all!
Elder Clark

Street sweep this week. We took this to the corner of the street and
asked people who God is to them! It was super fun!

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