Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Hey Family and bigger family!

This week was a great week! Super fun!

For one day this week I had a priest-aged young man from Virginia come
on a mini mission with me! It was the greatest! I swear they are
lookin younger and younger... Ha but he did well and it was just fun
to have he excitement of a fresh missionary! With Elder M
training for the last 2 weeks, the whole district and area has
increased in excitement!

I also had my last presidents interview before the departing
interview... That was kinda sad... But it's always a good opportunity
to talk to President Calderwood. He leads this mission with optimism
and love. He seeks revelation and obtains the Lords will for this
mission very effectively because of his humility. He is incredible and
I'm grateful to be called here with him.

On Saturday we had the game night that we spent so long handing out
fliers and preparing for. We had very few people show up which was
kind of sad. But we had a group of 5 18 yr old friends come (two of
which we met at 7-eleven on 7/11/14). They are super cool and it has
been really fun to get to know them! They all met from playing
handball together and they've been best friends ever since. 2 of them
came to church on Sunday and they seemed to enjoy it! I hope to be
able to teach them all! They have Books of Mormon though so hopefully
they will read it! Actually also one of the friends is an inactive
member we came to find out! But anyways they are all super cool and
accepting of people so it has been very fun getting to know them.
Apparantly they ROCK at handball though... Were probably going to try
to play with them this week.

We also had a pretty good experience with watching the Lords will
happen. Ha :) we had planned to visit some less active families and on
the way to visit one we were able to talk to this guy who just had a
full knee replacement who we can probably start teaching now! (Yay!)
and then we went to knock on this less active lady's door. She opened
with this smile and was like "I saw you guys and I had been yelling at
you but you didn't hear me! Then you were talking to that guy for so
long I didn't want to interrupt you, but then The Lord heard my
prayers for a spiritual uplift and send you to my door. Ha it was
super cool. :) I believe that if we are in the right place at the
right time by standing in holy places (physically and spiritually) we
will be able to see the Lords will happen. The Lords will always will
work together for our good and others good. It is a way of humility
and charity.

Right now I am just trying to learn all that I can to prepare me for
life... Haha :) I've been working on getting in a pattern of
repentance. It has really helped me. I feel so much more confidence
and strength from simply improving my prayers to be more focused and
then asking for forgiveness and strength in improving. When The Lord
is our strength we cannot be defeated.

I Love Our Savior Jesus Christ. I mean that. I hope you know that and
come to know Him. It is a happier way.
And I love you!
Elder Tyler Clark

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