Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Dear familia marvelouso(sp?),

This week has been real good. Were working hard, Were seeing random
little miracles, Were having fun, and Were learning. And I feel good
:) And I'm a Mormon.

So we had an exchange with the Zone Leaders. The exchange with them is
fun because they are Spanish and so I got to practicé mi espanol. I
love trying to testify in Spanish because I end up saying super simple
terms and simple truths that I know. I want to get that simple in my
own language. Because the Gospel is really simple. We believe that
through the Atonement of Christ all mankind may be saved by obedience
to the laws and ordinances of the Gospel.

Also on this exchange I almost got in a fight... This guy got mad that
he turned a corner and neither of us saw each other and he flipped out
like I was trying to bump him. He was angry. I stared at him kinda
weirdly... Like I was just confused at why he was angry. He was like
"Are we doing this right now as he was taking his backpack off...
Swearing and everything. I just stood there like what the heck. Then he
started taking off his backpack and walking towards me and this
Jamaican dude and My Zone Leader dude chased him off... Kinda weird. I
was still standing there kinda shocked at why he was so angry...
People be mad angry. He was still cussing at me and my comp as he ran
away. Hahaha He wasn't really that tough looking anyways...

So we got fed a lot this week by members! It was super super good! I
loved the food. One of the houses I ate at is a friend of mine at
SVU's family. Then I don't know. Just a fun week. The members here are
impressive. They are so faithful in the midst of so much darkness and
confusion. They stand out! So do you if you are faithful!

I'm seriously enjoying talking more and more to people. It's not
always an easy thing but the more I've done it the more I've loved it.
No matter what the response is.

Love you guys. Keep up the good work.
Elder Clark

Pic #1: We obtained a couch... I carried part of it to our apartment
on my head. Felt like a Cabo Verdean...
Pic #2: Got a New York Mountain Dew. Dad thought you might enjoy that...
Pic #3: On Monday last week we cooked food. A lot of it... That tin
foil thang was hunky.
Pic #4: Guy with a green beard and a parrot on the bus... Welcome to New York.

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