Tuesday, July 29, 2014


This week. Well...
We have been doing a lot of walking... So that's been good for
me/hard/fun. Annie asked me about how my 6 months to sexy is last week
sooo I'm glad I'm walking and I've done a lil bit more working out ;)
haha But we are playing knock out in the mornings and that has been
real good! So back on track... Well I truly am loving this area. But I
need to start getting to know more members. The ones I know are
awesome and they all seem awesome but I just don't know them yet! But
our Branch Presidency is amazing. They are super fun and really good

So yesterday being Father's Day apparently they thought we as
missionaries were fathers... Ha just kidding it was just really nice
to get a red velvet mini cake/ muffin. (Too big to be a muffin, too
small to be a cake) ha that was sweet. Literally. Ha don't ya miss my
stupid jokes??

This week in regards to missionary work... We contacted a lot of
people and we did a street sweep talking about the Book of Mormon that
I gave out a couple and a now we have a few more potential
investigators but nothing huge yet. I do enjoy testifying of the Book
of Mormon and the church though. Because the ability to receive
revelation is awesome and sooooo needed in each of our lives. I also
know that if we seek revelation we shall find. Or rather it shall be
given to us.

SOOO also Elder S. Gifford Nielsen came and saw and conquered our
hearts! The guy is awesome! He is called of The Lord and he boldly
proclaimed truth! It was awesome and powerful and he singled me out a
few times asking me questions. Haha but it was really awesome! I did
tell him about Jacob, Andrew, and Jon but I think he was just rushed.
Ha ees alright though. I learned a lot from his visit though. Mainly
it just got me pumped to do better and be better! So that was sweet!

A crazy Brooklyn guy this week came up to us and the sisters and told
this sister that I had a crush on her and he paired my comp off with
the other sister... He's like you'll thank me later for breaking the
ice. Haha so that's been interesting... Don't worry! Not crushing! I
am focused!

Also... People really love the World Cup here. It's awesome.

Love you all!
Keep up the good work!
Elder Tyler Clark

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