Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Hello Everyone!

Gotta say first of all sorry for not writing last week. It was a weird Preparation day...  I went out to Plainview to say hi to John(awesome) and then we had a BBQ with a member and then we took a trip to Brooklyn and we ended up missing our turn and going over the Bridge into manhattan.

However I feel really blessed right now because Heavenly Father is helping me to learn the importance of being diligent and he is teaching me how to trust in him to get the power and giving me power to be diligent.

I definitely have a testimony of diligence in scripture study as I have said before but it really makes a difference in the way our day goes and how happy we end up. There will never be happier times in your life than those times that you keep the commandments that you receive. Truly "it doesn't matter what you know" it only matters that you put your trust in Heavenly Father. In order to be directed, gain a greater relationship with our Heavenly Father, and be happy we have to rely on the spirit. It's no different than what the Prophet has to do. I don't care who you are because we are all children of Heavenly Father and we all need to rely on the spirit.

So Elder M is training and him and his brand spankin new companions fire is lighting our whole area on fire. It's awesome. Yay for Jeffy this next transfer! Funnel the energy bro! :) We did get 7-11 on 7-11. That was fun. I did a lil bit of teaching but a lot of talking to people. We also were able to get in contact with some sweet less active families that we will now start to work with! Things are just going really well here and I am having fun with it.

So this week we have been doing millions of flier handouts for our volleyball activity happening Thursday. I'm super pumped for that! I'm sure I told you but our Branch President is awesome. I really love this area. It's super fun and I really enjoy talking to people. They are simply fun to talk to because you never know what to expect.

You guys are awesome. Love you tons! Go get em!
Elder Tyler Clark

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