Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Hey eryone!

This week... Well the best part of this week was when an investigator
that had walked into the church and I was blessed to help out a little
bit to point her in the right direction was able to get baptized!!!
I've been so excited for her! She's super pumped to get confirmed next
week! I keep loving and loving baptism more and more... It's a huge
blessing for us to be able to access the cleansing/redeeming power of
the Atonement! I'm trying to learn more about the enabling power as
well! But I'm grateful for it!

We had a super cool lady named Rosa we have been in contact with from
Dominican Republic that only speaks Spanish come to church Sunday and
she LOVED how she felt but was really sad that she couldn't understand
anything... So we told her we would help her learn English and she was
soooooo excited about that that she grabbed both of our arms and
walked through the hallway going "I'm so happy! My teachers! English!"
That was right after she learned the word 'Saturday'. We had been
wanting to start an English class anyways but she helped give us
another reason for it! We had a miracle Korean girl from our ward come
back from her mission to Argentina! She bore her testimony in Spanish
and Rosa cried. It was awesome!

So this is the last week of this transfer and I'm not excited for
things to change... Hopefully they don't!!! I love our district!
Transfers.......... Why..... Oh well! Hopefully whatever happens i
will love it! Come what May and love it right?!?!

So were still going to he beach out on Fire Island for P-Days...
That's fun... Got some volleyball and beach soccer in yesterday! So

I got a sweet rental car... Which most of you know about haha :) it's
a cute lil car. :)

So personal progression update...
I have been blessed recently in the last week or so to have help from
Heavenly Father to remember what I need to and check off the things I
needed to on my to-do list. We have been working on studies and I know
that studying consistently and well will bring the spirit fast. It
pulls your day together in a oneness... It provides a solid foundation
for the day. It brings stability that we need to not go insane!! So
that's my positive update!

Thanks for all you guys do! Thanks so much for the birthday package!
The other Elders have been loving it(haha you know how it goes ;) )
And I didn't tell you but I have been loving the ukelele!!! I'm about
to learn some sweet missionary songs from an RM (Served in England,
Chinese speaking!!) but I have been so excited about it! District
Meeting at its finest! I also started a lesson with a song last week
and it was awesome... I'm looking to do that more now! Music brings
the spirit so well! Shall be the best!

Love ya tons!
Elder Tyler Clark

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