Tuesday, June 3, 2014

How Missionary Work Blesses Lives...

Well first of all... Any missionary work that anyone does is giving
others the opportunity to grow in their faith, knowledge, and truly to
come closer and build their relationship with their Heavenly Father,
thus preparing to enter in his presence after this life.

On the mission... Our purpose is:
"To invite others to come into Christ, by helping them receive the
restored gospel, through faith in Jesus Christ and His Atonement,
repentance, baptism, receiving the gift of the Holy Ghost, and
enduring to the end"

We declare repentance. We are inviting people to repent or change the
way they are and were in order to help them improve, get on the path,
and have the spirit with them. The spirit is what blesses us with joy,
it is what blesses us with love, it is what blesses us with peace and
comfort, and it is what blesses us with direction. Only when we have
the spirit with us are we entitled to these eternal feelings.

So missionary work is blessing others in that way. By inviting them,
It gives them the agency to choose joy now and in eternity, instead of
them being damned(stopped in progression) because they don't know
where to go, or even instead of them getting in worse and worse
standings with The Lord. It is giving them the opportunity to change
and follow Heavenly Father, who will help us fulfill the purpose or
measure of our creation to become like the Savior. It gives them the
decision to change through the Atonement of Jesus Christ by obedience
to the Gospel of Jesus Christ (Doctrine of Christ) or laws and
ordinances of the Gospel.

Doing this edifies us as the missionary and them also of course. This
is the way God has set the world up. The whole vision of Heavenly
Father is done by the small and simple things, by simple (sometimes
small... Like in my case... Not Jeff's) and imperfect beings... Our
responsibility is to "lift where we stand" by love and concern for our
fellow men around us. If we all let our light shine and do so in the
area we are, collectively and naturally we will raise the
enlightenment of all around us throughout the world.

Missionary Work seems to be a scary phrase... But missionary work is
simply the spirit of charity or love towards one another. If we love
our neighbor as ourselves we will desire that they are happy. We know
that the most complete joy comes from living the Gospel, so intern we
will somehow and in some way invite them to follow the Gospel. One
simple invitation could mean eternal happiness for one of Gods
children... It's worth it! It's worth the fear! If you do it out of
love and humility with confidence in the testimony you have, you
cannot fail. Whether they accept or reject it will only do them and
you good.

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