Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Hey family!! So a lot has gone on in the last few weeks and at the
same time not much different! It's been hard for me for the last
little bit for some reason to be obedient! I have not enjoyed the
struggle but I have been working on it and slowly it's improving! It's
hard because right when I got super excited to work for my last 6
months Satan had gotten pumped as well! So I'm working to overcome and

However at the same as that has been happening... I have felt so much
assurance and comfort in becoming who I need to be to stay strong when
I get home, to eventually provide spiritually and physically for a
family, and then even more eventually to return home to Heavenly
Father. I have a lot of confidence in my future regardless of my
current weaknesses. And hey who knows whether those weaknesses will
still show themselves in my future or not but either way it will all
work out. Heavenly Father takes care of each of us physically as we
strive to take care of ourselves spiritually. :) Seriously though the
comfort has been really really nice.

Interesting News... During Presidents interviews... My companionship
became the go-to companionship for teaching YSA males that the sisters
would need help with... So I just became a YSA Branch missionary
again! Yay! And it was cool because last week a lady came to church
saying that she had been reading and praying about the Book of Mormon
for 2 months and she felt like it was right and she was super pumped
on life :) and then this past Sunday... There were 2 guys that came in
interested to learn more! One because he's dating a member, and
another because a girl in the ward brought him. They are both super
cool and I'm excited to have lessons with them!

It's pretty fun to teach... Especially when it runs super smoothly and
When it's a learning experience all around. A lot of times I
understand things better after I teach it. So I enjoy digging deeper
and deeper into the Doctrine of Christ as I teach!

I went to the beach yesterday and got sunburnt... It stings a lil
bit... We also played rugby... That was fun again! We decided that
whether you scored or got scored on... It was a nice tri/try. So no
matter what... All the missionaries will say "nice try!" on both teams
ha :) it's kinda fun knowing enough about rugby to teach them all!

I've been learning to love the members here a lot more. It will be
hard to leave Plainview! But it's weird to think that this is the
longest I have stayed in one area! This is finishing 5 transfers here
(so 7-1/2 months about) and who knows! Maybe I'll end up dying
(leaving for home) here! I hope so! That would put me at 1 year in
Plainview! If not... I hope to make my next area the BEST area ever!
Can you believe that after this one I have 3 transfers left... Yikes

Thanks for all your support and prayers. It really means a lot to me!
Love you all!
Elder Clark

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