Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Dear Errbody! I decided to take some sweet pics because I found out
that I am leaving my beloved office :( it was super unexpected for me
so I'm really sad... It's never fun having to leave the people you
have came to love... Especially the missionaries in this area. That's
alright though... I have the opportunity to learn to love another
district! That'll be interesting! I don't know if I've said it yet ;)
but I'm going to miss Rego Park Queens!!! I don't know where I'm going
until tomorrow... So I'll let you know how it will go this week. Elder
B is taking over as district leader and he will be GREAT in here
so I'm glad it's going into good hands.

The sisters had the really awesome Chinese couple get baptized. They
are amazing. I asked them how they felt because it is one of my
favorite things to hear... She said that she just felt super light
like she is going to fly into Heaven and he said he feels really
great. I love baptism. And for that reason I'm gaining more
appreciation for the Sacrament. I know that we can access the power of
the Atonement through the Sacrament. It's vital.

By the way I'm learning of the power of simple testimony. Use it!
Don't be afraid to be powerful because you are speaking truth.

Love you guys!
Elder Tyler Clark

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