Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Hello! :) :)

Things are slowing down a little bit in the office so I have been able to do some missionary work! Yay! That has been really great we just stopped by a guy on friday who is a history teacher and he has a little ark of the covenant. Hahah he is awesome and we have been trying to help him come back to church. Hopefully.

We gave a 3rd hour missionary presentation this week and it was really really successful. I think there is a lot of potential with this ward.

So I dont have that much time but what we do in the office is we order all the supplies that the mission needs, when available we deliver them, and just all the little things that President or the office need help with we do. We help pick up new missionaries and we help move missionaries. We have the keys to every lock in the office so we are in control of all the book of mormons in all languages and all the passalong cards and all the missionary tools we are incharge of keeping in stock. We are just in charge of a lot of little things that add up time. We have to go pick up DVD players today from walmart for all the new missionaries to do the 12 week program which we ordered for them. Just things like that.
Sorry I got to go but I LOVE YOU!!!!
Elder Clark the shorter

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