Tuesday, September 24, 2013


So yes. I have been transfered. I miss Bay Shore, NY already. But I am now in Queens, NY in a part called Rego Park. That is where the mission office is. Infact, I have the responsibility of learning how to run the backstages of missionary work. My mission president told me that I am going to take over the office in 6 weeks. I will also be the new District Leader incharge of the Mission Office in Rego Park in 6 weeks. I just have to prepare myself by learning all the ways from my District Leader companion Elder A. He is a BEAST!!! I went on a full day exchange with him during the Hurricane Service in November and I have loved him and wanted to serve with him ever since. He is a STUD! I am so sad that i only get 6 weeks with him.

This week for us has been really really crazy. We have done everything. We have moved and prepared a lot of missionaries and apartments for service by moving people, getting orders together, buying needed items, supplying the necessities, and on top of that we have been trying our best to get out and do some good missionary work. We got to go to lunch with President the other day. (best steak dinner ever at London Linnies) He told us of how he puts some of the most able and best workers in the Rego Park district to do missionary work and then have the added responsibility of running everything else. So as you could imagine I am a little nervous to be incharge of that next transfer. But it will be really really fun. I get a lot of interaction with a lot of people and this will be such a fun position to have. I'm so pumped to GET WORK DONE! I have a large checklist to do and you better believe I'm taking notes because my memory alone wont get the job done. I need organization now. Haha I'm really thankful that I have been working on that for awhile. I'm not sure how much time I will have each week to email or such though because we are the most busy missionaries in the mission probably. I'm already tired. I was up until 12 last night which is crazy for missionary life.

However I did get to go back to Bay Shore on saturday and perform in the Musical Celebration of Families! I loved it! There were a lot of people that I was working with that showed up and felt the spirit really strongly. I am so excited about a few of them. President Calderwood gave the most powerful testimony of families in the closing remarks it was really amazing.

So I am busy, tired, but still lovin it! It's really fun to hear the wise words of the senior office couples in the mission. Elder B always has some awesome story and lesson for us to learn. hahahaha it is so fun to be here.

Elder A is from Hawaii. He is a stud who plays the ukalele really well and is just a giant chill teddy bear. I enjoy pushing him around to make him laugh even though he could eat me. haha we are working hard though and it has been a blast.

I love you all and you are the GREATEST! Keep doing the best at whatever you are doing! Keep your working hard and motives high!

Elder Clark

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