Monday, August 12, 2013

So this week we have been able to teach a lot more! We came upon this less active family with Brother J (an awesome Haitien in our ward) and we met the mother and the rest of the family. They are so awesome but the husband isn't too into the church we found out. That's why they don't go. But we were able to really help them and it was the necessary time for us to be there. They were so happy that we came I loved it. Theyre the G family from Africa somewhere :)
We also did a lot of service again this week. Lots of shovels and pullin weeds and such! We destroyed a giant wasps nest with white tailed wasps that scared the blank out of me. But that was all just fun and games.
Ronald asked me to baptize him this Sunday the 18th so that will be a really good experience. I'm really excited for that! But also A came to church! That is the greatest thing ever! I'm super excited for him! That was the first time he has come ever! Finally after like 5 months of working with him! He is a stud and I love that 75 year old.
So pretty cool experience yesterday... we got to go do service for a fair type occasion at a jewish temple! That was really really cool! We got a lot of good community presence and service for a lot of different vendors and the directors of the fair! I loved to see how nice all the jewish representatives were to us. They invited us to come worship with them so I guess we will see what happens with that haha. They just didn't know how to thank us for the service.
We are also planning to have a religious fair with all religions having a booth type occasion. The representatives invited us to this interfaith meeting so we will be presenting our plan for the religious fair to that counsel and were hoping to raise religious excitement in the area. This hopefully will be a big hit. That is what we are going for!
Also we are planning a HUGE musical Fireside that were calling "Families; God's Gift to Us" "a musical celebration of families" So we are hoping for good results with that as well! We have a lot of talented musicians in our ward.

also when I get home remind me to tell you Elder J story. He is a stud and because of him his whole family has been baptized. This was finished with the baptism of his Dad yesterday. So Cool. He was baptized about 2 years ago.
I just want to say that the Gospel is more real than we realize and we need to strive to recognize how often God's hand is in our lives directing traffic. In all the craziness if we just trust in the Lord we have peace. I know that is true.
Thanks for everything! 
I love you all!
If you read this whole thing you deserve a cookie.
Elder Clark

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