Monday, August 19, 2013


love love love my mission president. He is the most organized, prioritized, patient, and loving man I basically have ever known hahah. he is a good representative of our Heavenly Father. and ya Sister Kapisi loves the Clark family... Its been really fun to hear stories about my cousins and tell her stories about them haha

So this week has been taken up with a lot of service and then a lot of preparation for Rs baptism. We didn't get to teach much this week but it was still good!

So R is a stud. I was able to baptize him and he was telling me how good he felt and that he felt like this was something right and then later he texted us and said "thanks guys so much I feel lighter, like my burdens are gone". He is such a freakin stud! He was so prepared for the gospel its amazing! He will strengthen the ward a lot.

So also crazy news! A came back from the military. He had an Asthma attack during training and so he has to be home for a couple years in order for him to possibly go back. It's kinda sad but we are so happy to have him back here.

 Man I love Bay Shore! There is so much work to do here and it will be able to get done with the members that we have and the strength of the area. Seriously at church the only problem we have had with fellowshipping is new people being overwhelmed with how many people come up to them and introduce themselves. its a fun problem to have.

We are hardcore preparing for the Musical Fireside were having now! I'm super pumped about that! President is going to come and there hopefully will be a full house! I'm in the choir so that will be cool.

I'm super excited to go to the US Open. enough said about that! hahaha I'll take lots of pictures!

So spiritual message for the week. Elder Legere and I have been figuring out life. haha we have decided that obedience is the most important part of life because it

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