Monday, November 18, 2013

Hi mom and dad and family and everyone this week has been amazing. We
haven't unable to meet with Y recently, that we were able to meet
with a really cool family that was taught about five years ago. They
are super cool and I have really high hopes for them! We contacted
them from looking up a referral and the person at the door said to go
away but then the teenager girl of this super cool family said hold on
I know these guys! So we met with them and taught them about love at
home last night with the cool paper folding story of the Book of
Mormon. They loved it and I already love them. They are great!

I know there's a lot of talk about the hastening of the work but it is true.
See what you don't know is I am using Siri for this message. Siri is
one of my best friends now :)
It is really cool to be a part of this amazing time. It has been said
before about how the work is hastening so when it is, the work of
Satan is as well. But for the most part Satan isn't trying to get us
with the big things but more I feel like he is trying to get us to use
our time for less important things. He knows it is the small and
simple things that bring great things to pass both on The Lords side
and on Satan's side. So the answer is simple. Pay attention.
Frequently and honestly be accountable to yourself and your Heavenly
Father of your spirits earthly progress. Take time to put yourself in
perspective of the Grand design.

I love you guys!! Things are going well here!
Elder Clark

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