Monday, December 2, 2013

From Last Week - Nov 25th


Sssssoooooo this past week we had a great experience with a mega-zone
conference that we had. President Calderwood(my mission president) and
President Glass(Queens Stake President) spoke together at this
conference and they talked about how they together are uniting their
keys of the priesthood and President Calderwood says that when
priesthood keys work together in the spirit of unity it is a recipe
for miracles. It is true though.

We have had A TON of miracles recently. Out of nowhere (elder Lewis
says hi :)) we have had someone we've been working with decide to get
baptized on Dec 8th. And then we had a referral from the Spanish
elders who came to church and loved it who is from Ukraine. We have
also had quite a few great potential investigators come out of nowhere
so I'm just really excited!

I'm just really loving the work and talking to people and sharing my
love with the world but more specifically New York!

Love y'all!!!!
Elder Clark

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