Monday, September 16, 2013

o Heelllloooo over there!

Suprisingly enough, despite all of my little thoughts of staying here in Bay Shore another transfer with Elder M, I am leaving tomorrow. After almost 6 beautiful months here. I am very very very sad about it but I am excited for my new experience that I will get to have! New companion! New Area! New Ward! New opportunites! Yay! So I will tell you all about it next week!

Im sad that I might have to miss the Celebration of Families that I was preparing for. I will miss a lot of really great members and really great nonmembers. Shoot I just love Bay Shore! But thats alright! Because whenever we have the opportunity to serve we are able to love, and when we love we have joy! Yes I know I got started on love and joy again but they are like my favorite words.

We went to Montauk this morning, leaving at 4:00. It was super fun and really really peaceful. I love the way nature just gives you the perspective you need. There's some crazy connection between God and all his creations. WE just need to be more connected.

This week we taught Gospel Doctrine on Family History and we learned a ton about the necessity of it! It says in D&C 2 that without that priesthood authority being restored to turn the hearts of the fathers to the children and vice versa "the whole earth would be utterly wasted at his coming." This is intense. It totally makes sense though. The class spent a lot of time talking about the unifying feeling you get(spirit of Elijah!). But then in Luke 1:17 it says something SUPER COOL!

17 And he shall go before him in the spirit and power of aElias, to turn the hearts of the bfathers to the children, and the cdisobedient to the wisdom of the just; to make ready a people dprepared for the Lord.

We NEED family history work and that priesthood authority to perform saving ordinances for ourselves and others in the temple. It prepares us for the Lord! It is necessary for us and for them. So that was really exciting to hear especially because the direction missionary work is going is focusing on family history work. I finally figured out why! So get to it! Do Work!

So that was a fun lesson to teach and learn about as you could imagine.

Anywho. I am excited and a little bit nervous. Some big changes are coming very very soon though so that will be exciting!

I love you guys always and forever! See you soon!
Elder Clark

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