Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Dear Fanmi(family in creole),
Mwen Renmen yo! I Love y'all!

So these last few days have been amazing for me. I finally received answers to my prayers about how I need to only worry about eternal things. That is ALL we need to worry about in this life! If we find ourselves worrying about temporal things we need to STOP! Just think about eternal things and when we have our eternal perspective our cares and trials seem like grains of sand! That's what my mission president kept saying is we need to not only not turn anthills into mountains but to take what is seemingly the mountains in our life and turn them into anthills.Our lives don't need the extra worries but they do need the extra perspective of love and joy for-ev-er!!! Just like Sandlot! I am so grateful that we have the ability to do this through a knowledge of the plan of a truly caring Father in Heaven who created all this for us! Look at nature! Slow down! Look at the beauty of life! Enjoy the presence of your family! Enjoy the blessings that come from obedience to God's commandments! The commandments are gifts if we use them as such!

Service has been the GREATEST experience! I am sorry that y'all can't be here to help... But I know that as you pray and search for opportunities to serve that they will come! Just look for them! want to have a good day? better day? best day? Serve someone else and help them to have a good day! Help them to know of beauty, charity, love, and joy of the Gospel of Jesus Christ to not only give them a fish but teach them how to fish! Help a brotha out!

So in this last week or so we have still been doing a lot of service and we had 2 days of proselyting. We were able to teach a couple lessons so that was good. Yesterday we went into this house that was the worst I have seen. They had 4 fridges full of NASTY molded food and their whole ceiling and all the walls were full with mold... Not to get prideful but I am getting really good at busting doors off of fridges with crowbars... (its actually really easy and everyone and their dog and their dog's dying great grandmother can do it so it's not something cool like I make it sound) You bet I wore my mask when I went in there... There was still an inch or so or delicious sewage water on the ground and sooo much sheetrock and a lot of random old things in there... It was scary... But helping them was wonderful! He was a really old holocaust survivor(1 of 2 survivors in his family of 32) that had a wonderful perspective on life about how he would just keep on living even though so much was taken away. He still was happy. People like him inspire me. Then we had a person that told us that she could not describe the impression we had made on her heart. and that she feels we are all angels and she hopes to somehow share her love and appreciation for the love we have showed to her. then we had a very very spiritual prayer with her. There have been soooo many great experiences where we are so blessed to be instruments in the hands of God here. I was able to speak to a girl in the YSA branch about going on a mission and the spirit right then testified to her that she should go and so she decided then to go! That was AWESOME for me to sit back and watch! I love seeing it in peoples eyes when the spirit is testifying to them! I felt like a hero also yesterday when there was a lot of traffic and this one girls car broke down so I got out and pushed it into this parking lot and people were honking and waving I'm guessing because I still had my yellow mormon helping hands jersey on and a few others contagiously got out also and came to help! They each individually thanked me for the service that they had seen us do in Rockaway and I explained how we were missionaries and one of them said "and you love to serve people" and I agreed. I loved being able to stand as a witness of Jesus Christ at that time. It truly is an amazing opportunity I have to be an official representative of the Church and of Jesus Christ and of his living prophets.

It snowed this past week quite a bit! That was fun! I was able to proselyte in the snow and such! It was also fun to help shovel the driveway and our neighbors driveway! It was cold though... we also almost got stuck in it like 5 times... I had to push just once though... we slid around a little bit too (no I was not driving haha) attached is the day after picture in westbury! We are there ALL the time! and usually there are a lot more people outside but it seems as though haitiens and mexicans don't like the cold! Not like Haiti or Mexico!

Jeffy is a B-O-S-S!!!!! Man I'm so lucky to have him as my little brother and to have him be loving and nice to me even though he now has the genius and the Strength to throw me over the car as grandpa always would say! haha I am sooo excited for him to go on a mission and be as the army of Helamen! He will do wonders on a mission! Especially with his ability to think so much out of the box and have genius ideas I feel as though the spirit will tell him to do some very different, fun, weird, and possibly difficult things to bring to pass his purpose of helping others to come unto Christ! I am just so excited to hear where he is going to go! Truly Jeffrey's genius and personality will be soooooooooo great on a mission I can't even begin to tell you.

Man now that I think about it... Riley will be wonderful because of his love for people, kindness, fun personality, and organization. Kyle will be wonderful for a similar reason that jeffy and Ri will of loving people and being able to think outside the box as well, Austin will just have so much fun on a mission people will be attracted to his glow... I think I have our family figured out ;)

I truly know that I am called to serve and not a robot but ME! That is what is wonderful! so many people have so many different personalities to offer into the mission field but that's the thing... They ALLLLL are needed there! I know my companion Elder J is needed because of his conviction and his boldness! That is really important in missionary work! I am not as good at being bold but I know that I can help people feel loved and that is important as well! It is really fun to teach after you learn how to teach true doctrine as yourself and not as someone that you might see on the PMG the district videos. Don't get me wrong they are wonderful but the most important part is that you teach the doctrine that will help their needs in a way that you can connect with them. When you do, the spirit will too! (Fun lil Rhyme)

Sounds like Riley had a great season... I loved those clips thanks papa sweet sauce! Being in Far Rockaway and Massapequa for service has been fun also because there are a lot of native new yokas theh! haha they are great, good fun speaking to them.

And Kyle can't shave or grow up he's not old enough! Also, that sincerity of love that he has is amazing... He just LOVES life! It's a great blessing!

Poor Austin has to taste that gross stuff for the upper end Endoscopy... Dis gus ting. but hey he's a man he can handle it! I'll keep praying for him!

Well I love you ALL soooooo much!!
Have a wonderful day! Everyday!
Elder Clark

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