Monday, August 20, 2012

Hi Mother Dear!
Update on the Work...

D and T are getting married on Saturday and baptised on Sunday! YAYYYYY!! They are soooo awesome and they will be friends for ETERNITY! I love them so much oh my goodness I can't wait for them to get sealed... But anyways I never thought that i would be a wedding planner... ahhaha we are doing a lot to prepare for that... and bishop is marrying them.

A is honestly one of the funniest people on this earth. She is this big black lady who is getting baptised finally on Sept 9th. It was really funny hearing her rant on about how she loves to cook for us because she says "I'm fat (grabbing her stomach) and we fat people like to eat, we always eatin, mmm so gooo(d implied)" and also when she talks about how she is the best at domino's and how she can't lose. Oh gosh she is awesome. She always calls me "Brotha Clark"

B is still doing really well and she is on set to be baptised in november because that's when P (her hubby; Less Active Member)'s job gets a lighter load but she might be able to move it up because he just got two offers at these sweet job's... (he's extremely smart and he used to make smart houses)

So ya those are the baptismal dates were working with but I still hope that D will have a spiritual witness that he needs to get baptised real soon... hes a dry mormon basically... But I'm sure I told you he is one of my favorite people ever! He is a funny as heck Dominican guy... We connect really well though so he is gonna be an eternity long friend as well. Especially when he finally gets baptised.

We have been playing Monopoly Deal after were done planning at nights and that's a really fun game :)

Oh also I got pulled over the other day... did I ever tell you how much I hate(using bible terms for love less ;)) NYPD cops? They are reeediculous... They always turn on their lights just to get through traffic or a red light and then turn them off... they just don't appeal to me because they think they are above the law... (also I'm sure not all are this way just some) But anyways I got pulled over when I was going the speed limit on a 25 mph street and three cops surrounded my car... They basically just played off a serious faced "license and registration" then I said "what did I do?" He said "excuse me?!" and I said "okay" and gave him them but he was asking is this your car and then I told him we were missionaries and he asked for proof that we were missionaries and I had left my ministerial card at the pad and he look at me then looked at the papers and said these are expired and looked at the next ones and then he basically threw them back in the car and said "get outta here and get your brake light fixed" I was unhappy with the way that went... haha but whatever...

Things here are still going really well though and I STILL AM IN LOVE WITH MY MISSION AND NEW YORK!!! i can't wait to bring family or friends! It will be a blast! I have this really really great desire to go home and be soooooo much better! To be a better person! I'm excited to plan for everyday and be more prioritized after my mission and have higher standards! I'm telling you this because I need everyone to hold me to this! :)

I'm trying to think if I have any other things to tell you... It's easy when you ask me questions! I have a lot of stories I just also have a terr-ee-blay memory... haha So let me know if you have any questions! I love you Mom, Dad, Jeffy, Riley, Kyle, and Austin!! Youre the best! Family is soooo important so remember that! I am super excited to learn and grow with you guys for eternity! (sounds like a heck of an eternity!) Remember that the gospel of Jesus Christ blesses families. Basic but powerful.

I love you!
Elder Clark

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