Monday, November 3, 2014


I'll be honest I'm coming to terms with leaving a little bit more. But
I am really excited to work hard until I finish. That's what I have
wanted! This week was fun. Elder McCann and I are super close. We are
working hard and having fun.

We did 2 days of car inspections this week. I was the tire pressure n
tread dude... So I have checked almost all the tires in our mission...
Hi I'm sister Asregadoo, elder Clark is awesome!
So I'm back... This week though we were able to talk to a lot of
people and a lot of people started conversations with us. I really
love bearing simple testimony. But I love living simple testimony
more. Especially because when we act on our testimonies or others
testimonies we are able to have he blessing of growth. When I am
improving I am happy. When I am not, I am not as happy. Men are that
they might have joy. Men are that they might progress!

That's something I was thinking about this week. Because I feel like
to often we think of the purpose of our lives being to return with
God. If that were the purpose wouldn't we have just stayed there with
God??? So our purpose is more. It is to return with God receiving
immortality and Eternal Life through progression. Progression comes
from living the Gospel of faith, repentance, making and keeping
covenants, and diligence in listening to the Holy Ghost to the end. In
this, the power of the Atonement will give you the power to become.

I finished the Book of Mormon again this week and I want to testify to
you that it is real and true. That through the Holy Ghost, it is the
convincing evidence of the Prophet Joseph Smith and his role in
restoring the only true and living Gospel to the earth.

Well hey I'm excited about seeing all you again!

Elder Clark

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