Monday, November 3, 2014


For those of you who are home, I'm excited to see you! For those of
you who aren't... I'm still excited to see you whenever the time

So... I have fallen in love with New York. I'm in love and I don't
care who knows it. Honestly from the people I talk to in the streets
to the members I have come to love so much, I love New Yorkers. It's
amazing how my heart is so attached now. It is a stark contrast from
when I received my call. I sat there and thought... Well I guess New
York is pretty cool. Now I couldn't imagine a more blessed land for me
to be in than New York.

So. I have been trying to focus on the work. I believe though that
when love is our motive there is so much more power and strength
behind our daily activities than there could ever be with any other
motive. We need to love God, love others, and love ourselves. I
believe that this will give us the most direction and purpose to our
lives. We will truly understand who God is, who we are, and who others
are. Understanding these things is a gift of eternal perspective given
to us from God.

This week consisted of talking to a lot of people, planning
appointments with members to hopefully strengthen them and help them
fulfill their missionary and other responsibilities, moving a couch,
singing to people at their door, in the streets, and in
lessons(causing quite a few to cry), cleaning up and doing service for
Far Rockaway, talking to a multimillionaire for an hour about who we
are and our message and getting offered a job and a place to stay,
eating at five guys and Eddies Ice Cream with the Bottomfields,
helping a member move, getting fed a lot (which is really nice), and
many other beautiful things about the mission. It's ironic that miss
is in the word mission... Because I will totally miss it. But life
goes on and we are that we might have joy. Ya buddy. Go eternal joy.

Love you all!
Elder Tyler Clark

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