Sunday, June 23, 2013


You guys look so good from here!

So exciting news! A was able to get baptized on sunday!!! It was a really really good experience. Especially because A's Mom and little brother came and felt the spirit there. It went really well because everyone there made them feel like family. And her mother brought baked zini, a fruit tray, and a salad for the afterparty haha it was great! I made brownies and almost burnt the brownies and my fingers at the same time! That's two things at once I told you I could multi-task mother ;) haha but they seemed like they were comfortable here. She said she was getting really emotional. With it being fathers day was really awesome as well because A's dad just passed away about 2-1/2 months ago. So I feel like he had a special part in that. After A got baptized he said "I feel amazing. I truly feel like new. Like I'm a new me and I get to start completely new." Later he randomly texted us saying "I feel soooooo good". Man it was so good to feel the spirit of the day and the spirit of the ordinance done with the priesthood authority of God.

Something I would like to say in advice is to truly listen to the words of the Sacrament as you partake of it. Remember that if you do those things, take his name upon you and always remember him then you will have the spirit to cleanse you and make you feel as A said "NEW"! Thats why the Sacrament is so important and we need to take it more like an ordinance that gives us access to the Atoning Sacrifice of Jesus Christ to purify our hearts and minds preparing us to become like our Heavenly Father, and to not take it just as something to eat on fast Sunday. I promise that if you do that this week you will find more purpose in the week to come. That you will truly change and align your will with God's will.

Anyways I gotta go but I love you all!
Have a beautiful day and week.

Elder Clark

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