Sunday, June 23, 2013


So its been awhile since i have emailed last... so hello again! Welcome to the written version of me. And yes you can all tease me for saying that.

On Saturday we were able to have the BBQ and it went actually relatively well! Members definitely ran on double mormon standard time so that made us a little nervous but then we filled the whole half parking lot with cars by the end! Brother Danner smoked some ribs and cooked a million burgers and hot dogs and EVERYTHING was eaten. It was all so good. A came and there were a couple nonmembers that came as well! L and 4 of his nonmember friends came and so that was awesome. We didn't get any new investigators or anything but we definitely helped create a little more unity and love within the ward and helped those nonmembers to understand that we are all brothers and sisters! It was a lot of fun though.

Then on Saturday night it was really cool because we hadn't hit like any of our goals that we had set. So at that point I said a silent prayer after pondering how to hit our Sacrament meeting attendance goal. I had the prompting to make Elder Weber a promise that I turned into a deal. That I would bet(don't judge) him a Wendys frosty that if we would wake up on-time, have a good personal study, and actually do a good companionship study that we would be able to hit our church attendance goal of 2 investigators with one new investigator at church and if we'd hit it he wouldn't have to buy me one. Well we did this and as soon as our companionship study was over... well! We got a text from leo. He said "hey I'm bringing my friend to church you better make her feel welcome" hahahaha that was a very victorious feeling! Ha that was cool that God helped us fulfil a strange promise! And then of course A came to church for the first time since I have been here! So we hit our goal. We need to go get frosty's to celebrate... Unless Dad you wanna come make us a chocolate shake ;) we wont decline :)

I think those personal commandments and promises that the spirit will tell us are so great. We neeeeeeed to follow those promptings. Eternal Perspective. Make like nike and just do it!

Also A is getting baptised on Sunday so that will be really exciting i will tell you about it next week. He is doing really well though... He is already considering a mission and he isn't even baptized yet. I think he wants to feel the spirit of a missionary because he was hanging out with 6 missionaries and he was so impressed at how we are all like brothers. But he is heading for basic training(i think...) in the military on June 2nd so that would be an interested leave.

So anyways!!!
I loooooove youuuuuu!
Elder Clark

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