Monday, April 8, 2013


I'm so happy to be back on my mission again. I again know that what I am doing is right and it is God's work to bring to pass the immortality and eternal life of His children.

The news! I am on Long Island in the Bay Shore English pool with my companion Elder W! You may recognize the name because he is the same Elder who was in my district in Plainview and shaved a yamaca(sp?) into Elder As head... haha we are having a lot of fun together! We get along great and we are both trying to work ourselves into a more meaningful mission. I am in a district with two sisters! They call that a dating district here however I assure you I am not dating haha :) It's crazy how many sister missionaries are coming on missions... So cool... But my mission in two transfers(3 months) is expected to have 50% elders and 50% sisters when we reach around 250 missionaries.

I have told many of you but for those who haven't heard from me, I want you to know that God knew what he was doing when he brought me home. I needed to be home for a lot of amazing reasons and I consider it a tender mercy to be able to be home at that time. However, now I am blessed to be back in New York! I missed this place because I love the people here. (Period)

So as you can imagine I have been very green-like new so fresh... I have now in the first week called myself Tyler 4-5 times now, forgot a belt twice, forgot my backpack, got up to workout on Sunday, almost forgot my nametag, forgot my planner, and many other fun greenie mistakes... ya I guess that's what I get for being home for 4 months. But oh my gosh it was so fun to see President Calderwood at the airport and then some of my mission buddies and then I got to pick up the new missionaries with President and the AP's which was cool and I also picked up my buddy and fellow ACL tearer Elder N! we went on top of the Brooklyner(tallest building in my mission) and ate New York pizza and such! So that took the place of the Jamaica Queens street sweep... kinda a bummer but that was really cool too! Less frightening more peaceful and inviting I feel like... haha and then one of the sister missionaries there with me is now in my district! And we are supposed to go home at the same time I think! Which is weird as heck... (BTW I think that's October 1st, 2014) So ya it has been fun! I study for my math final when Elder W aka lil webbie and webstar is balling it up playing basketball and already I am gaining a pretty good relationship with the members here!

Isn't it amazing how much importance the Apostles put on family and obedience! The two things that Satan has chosen not to have and sooooo badly wants to destroy! It's completely true though that if we focus on eternal families and obedience to God's laws then we will be protected! We WILL receive the blessings of the highest kingdom in Heaven! If we follow those things Satan will have no power over us and the power of God will be with us.

So ya that is the news for now! I love you all and more importantly Heavenly Father loves you all and there is always hope!
Elder Tyler Clark

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