Monday, April 22, 2013

Dear Everybody,

Hi! I am again loving it out here! It's amazing how much obedience plays a factor in our lives. That is something that is being stressed over and over again and I'm starting to realize how important it is. Obedience is what brings power. Obedience to God's commandments is all we need to do in our life. That is what is most important.

Today I will be going to Graffiti Park and I will hopefully send you pictures of that next week!

The work here has been going really well we had another person walk into the church this week and start talking to us about how he has always been a catholic but because of the emphasis that Mitt Romney has put on families he wants to be a mormon now. Thats pretty neat :)

I am so excited we are doing a lot of activities coming up and they will be amazing missionary tools. I believe that when people just come in contact with members it does more to spark peoples interest than two random black nametags running around on bikes. Let your light so shine especially now as the time is speeding up before the second coming! People will notice the spirit about faithful members more and more as the time goes on and the worlds trials will only enhance that difference. Your light can and will make more difference than you realize!

So I am having so much fun here! Elder Weber is a crack up. He always teases me about something and I feel at home! haha :) But we are getting along great and he is seriously improving himself a lot and I feel like he will continue to do so and because of that and hopefully if I can keep up with his improvement, we will be blessed for it. The thing is that when we are obedient we should not fear and we definitely can and should call upon the blessings of Heaven. Heavenly Father wants to bless us but it is almost never in the same way that we think. He knows us better don't worry.

So its been fun to meet a lot of people! There is a guy who ate dinner with us named jack and he has an eye patch and sister m calls him one eyed jack. He is awesome though and cooked us some delicious ham. Yesterday Elder Weber and I went with a less active husband to observe the damage and repairs done from hurricane sandy. It was really cool to see how much people have done since the storm! People just move on!

I have gotten to hit some tennis balls (don't worry im being really careful) with one of the sister missionaries these last two P-days which has been tight. Then I helped her and another elder who have played a little bit with their swings and such! So fun being a coach...

We had an amazing lesson on Sunday with two recent converts who both testified of the 180 flip they have experienced since obtaining the knowledge and blessings of the Gospel. Their situation hasn't changed but their level of joy has launched. I think people don't realize truly how much peace, love, joy, and comfort is available to us as we get closer to Christ.

I love you all! Wish and pray for blessings for all of you!

Elder Clark

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