Monday, January 6, 2014

Hello! This was a really interesting week this week. We did a lot of
office running around preparing for next week that should be a little
crazy... Week six of a transfer is always crazy. Well anyways we went
to the Brooklyn bridge last week Monday and that was a blast but cold.
First time I walked on it! Then we got some delicious pizza from a
nice lil classy place called grimaldis. I guess it's brooklyn famous.

I got pulled over twice this week kinda... Today an undercover cop got
on me for double parking and gave me attitude. And then last week in
Brooklyn we got pulled over for turning left from the hours of 4-7...
I didn't see the sign... But he was saying that he was looking to see
if I was a cop and then he pulled me over. And then I told him that we
were missionaries for our church and he was like "do you have
documentation of this?" And I showed him my name tag and he was like
"that's good enough" and gave me back my license! It's super great
being a missionary. :)

Then another day were dropping off things in Brooklyn after an ikea
trip(!) and we had a nice scare... There was this guy in a giant tow
truck that stopped right in front of our car on his right turn and he
turned back out of the window yelling at this one girl! I don't
exactly know what happened but he then got out of the car and full on
sprinted after her! It was crazy! She pulled out a gun! Double handing
it at him! He was trying to dodge back and forth and then she sprayed
him!(turned out to be pepper spray) he got pepper sprayed bad... Nuts.
So now I've seen someone get pepper sprayed right in front of me!

So missionary work has gone alright! We met with the m family
and they are doing really well! Our district is doing really well. I
love them so much. They are the greatest! but I love you guys too!

Elder Clark!

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